Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


9. For You

No use telling you what to buy from here on out, you know what you need and don’t, I hope.

Run forward into a room with some breakable chests on the sides and then  move on. You’ll run into two White Knights and an Alto Angelo. You need to kill the knights first, which is tough but two buster bashings will do it. Then focus on the tough guy. Don’t waste time trying to buster him, just go  full on the offensive. When you see him charging up, do a snatch to go above his head to avoid. Just lay into him, go Devil Trigger, and once his shield is gone you can buster him with gusto.

Grand Hall

A familiar name, but a different place. Some benches in the center, a medusa thing on the left (I’ve just learned you need to get an S rank on these things to kill them), and a purple star on the right. Proceed straight and touch the  red thing. Then come back in and notice the open door. You can run immediately to your right and jump over the rail when the laser is away to quickly get to the doorway.

Key Chamber

Three White Knights and then an Alto. Again, kill the knights first, but avoid the lasers, they do hurt. Then just lay into the big guy, using your DT (devil trigger) to speed it up. Touch the pillar when done to get a key. Then touch the middle device to slow time and take the opposite doorway.

The Gauntlet

Stand in the center of the little pit for hidden orbs, and then beat up on the blue wheel in the corner. Then step into the cage.

First fight is with some Scarecrows, nothing too bad at this point in the game, I hope. When stopped, use the devices to slow time and run past the lasers.

Second fight is with Frosts, so just buster them over and over to guarantee victory, so long as you toss them at each other. Use the air and snatch them if you like that better. Then more lasers to run past, so be quick.

Third fight is with what I now know are called Assaults. Just go to the air and keep snatching them and doing combos, and then buster them on the ground like the Frosts after you combo them. Shouldn’t be too hard. At the top, grab the  green orb and spend some dough at the statue if you want some stars. Bring at least one Vital Star M, just in case.

*NOTE: You can buy as many Purlpe Orbs as you want to try and get more juice from your DT gauge also.*

Agnus’s Room

BOSS: Angelo Agnus Difficulty: Moderate

You want to always be shooting at him when far away, but you must alway try to get close to him. Always attack him, even to a fault, but don’t use snatch too much or you’ll take some damage. When he has his Gladius flying about (the sword things) you want to grab those with your snatch and buster them to send  use them against him. Just keep the pressure on, roll backward and jump when you see a ring around his back. His ring can send Gladius, the shark things,  fireballs, and will give him blades that will make him spin around before  throwing it at you; all can be avoided by jump backward, usually.

There are three key things to keep your eyes open for. One is when he curls up and glows; that means you need to run up and start bashing into him before he unleashes a big attack. Two is when he says “Your strength will be mine!” That means you need to go into your DT to keep him from sucking some life from you, even using your star to give you magic power; so save your DT for this and turn it off after you repel him. Thirdly, when you’re attacking him, if you ever  see his aura disappear and each hit seems to stagger him, that is your cue to go buster him for a big attack.

The Gladius are key early on, and they can end the fight late, but they stop appearing late. In the later part, you have to save your DT and you have to  keep attacking. I would almost advise using the DT to get in big hits, but it’s too risky late in the fight. When you start causing massive damage and stagger him, buster to end it.

*NOTE: Cages for health, but they will get smashed during the fight, and he  drops magic orbs when you DT when he tries to steal your health.*

*NOTE: Not sure, but I could have sworn I snatched at him and pulled two Gladius from him. Again, not sure though.*