Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

Beating this game was so awesome. Not only does it confirm that Capcom is finally setting this series on a playable track, I can now say I’ve beaten a DMC game. For the next game, they should consider just having boss fight after boss fight, because the bosses are great. It’s a great game, a game that everyone can play, and it’s just beautiful.

Hmm, Capcom fixed the Resident Evil and DMC series with the fourth games,

PS3 Controls
button Nero Dante
X jump jump
Square gun gun
O Devil Bringer, examine Devil Bringer, examine, style button
Triangle attack attack
L1 Devil Trigger Devil Trigger
L2 Exceed switch guns
R1 lock-on lock-on
R2 not used switch attack weapon
LS move, click to change target move, click to change target
RS move camera, click to reset camera move camera, click to reset camera
D-pad not used change style
Start pause pause
Select taunt taunt

*Don’t have Xbox 360, but I imagine the controls are mirrors of these.

Starter Tips

  • Be aggressive, B-E AGGRESSIVE! – it’s true for about all enemies, but mostly for the bosses. The first time you run into Echidna you will be intimidated, but once you realize just jumping up and slashing away is the key, she and  most the other bosses are actually easy.
  • Smash and grab – always keep an eye or two open for things to smash for orbs. Not only does it count toward your rank, you need to buy items.
  • Skill up wisely – don’t buy just anything, and if you do, think about if you will really use that skill and then consider trading it back in for what you spent on it. Air Hike, Snatch, Streak, and many others are staples that you must grab ASAP.
  • Snatch and slash – as Nero, the Devil Bringer to snatch enemies is about the only reason I played this game after playing the demo. Learn to master hacking and then snatching enemies. It will also help on bosses. Also learn to when you can buster both enemies and bosses; buster is using the Devil Bringer when not locked-on.
  • For Devil’s sakes! – know when to use the Devil Trigger in boss fights. For  Nero, it’s always before you go for a buster. For Dante, it’s always to finish off the boss; well, Nero too.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – this is for most of you newcomers to DMC. This game uses a style and rank system. For using many combos and attacks, you are given higher stylish ranks. But most will find that streaking or stingering an enemy to death works just fine. If you don’t care so much about the stylish rank, feel free to button mash.
  • Charged particles – a tip from me to you, don’t buy any charged shots for  any guns. And if you do, get a refund as soon as you’re done with it.
  • One save file – that means all your skills and abilities will carry over  while on the same difficulty. So if you want, play a mission over and over  until you have all the skills and items you can buy, but little reason to  unless you are terrible.