Dell Axim x51v Busted?

So I thought my Dell Axim x51v was completely busted today…

The unit would not turn on for anything!  I pressed the power button quickly and held it down (quickly pressing turns the unit on, holding it dims the display), soft reset, and nothing.  When I reset to factory defaults (hold down the power button and press the reset switch), then I would get confirmation if I wanted to reset, and after I did, then nothing!
I removed the battery several times, and would not boot.  With the power cable plugged in, the power charge light will come on, but will flicker between green and orange real fast, and then nothing. 
After some experimenting, I removed the battery completely and ran it on AC power, and then it would boot! (but by then I had already done a factory reset).  So I hot-swapped the battery while the thing was up, and THEN it told me the battery was critically low.  I hadn’t used it in a day, but there’s no way the battery would completely drain!
So now I’m charging the battery to see if it will resume normal function, but from what I read on other forums, the battery may be defective!
Dammit dammit dammit!
Yup! After charging for a few hours it now boots up! I don’t know what would have caused it to drain. I read somewhere that it turns on at midnight to setup Today’s reminders, so it may have turned on and then didn’t shut off…

I hope my pain saves at least one poor soul from going through the same thing…

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