Deadlight Review (PC, Xbox 360)


Survivors in Seattle

It’s Halloween, folks!  In just a few short hours I’ll be taking my son out begging for candy in his ridiculously overpriced costume in the pouring rain.  But for now I’ll be eating my tuna salad sandwich breakfast and white chocolate mocha enjoying a few hours of Halloween goodness before the four-foot creatures of the night start roaming the streets.  And what goes better with tuna sandwiches and coffee than zombies?

The game I’m reviewing today is called Deadlight by Tequila Studios and published by Microsoft Studios, and it’s available on Xbox Live Arcade as well as on Steam.  The whole game centers on Randall Wayne, one of few survivors of a virus that reanimates the dead.  The story is set in Seattle in the summer of 1986.  An odd choice of year, but whatever works, I suppose.  Most game developers these days seem to be aiming for future apocalypse scenarios, so a retelling of history is always nice to see.  I just hope it doesn’t become a mainstream habit.


As Randall, you have been separated from your wife, Shannon, and daughter Lydia.  You have formed a group with your friend Ben, a police officer named Sam, and two sisters named Stella and Karla.  Karla is bitten in the intro video and turns into a zombie, referred to as “shadows” in this game, and Randall kills her.  When the other survivors return and confront him about it, the zombies start trying to break into their boarded up room in the warehouse.  Randall tells the others to meet him at the “Safe Point”, and they escape through a vent, leaving Randall in the room to find his own way out.  This is where you take over as Randall.