Dead Space Walkthrough


A brief foreword

Something to the effect of “Resident Evil 4 @ Dead Space” with RE4 jumped out to a quick lead and Dead Space narrowed the gap.

RE4 38, Dead Space 31. Did I mention they’re playing baseball?!

Okay, to be honest, this game is pretty awesome and as solid as I was hoping it would be. Of course my expectations were high coming into it, but they soon fell when I realized how this game would run.

Yes, this game and RE4 do the same things: fetch keys to advance, fight a  big monster here and there, fight a boss every now and then, and the story is  a weak element. Seriously, I thought the story in this game was going strong  until they started trying to explain things.

You see, from the early previews and the back of the box, “There’s no help coming” I thought that we would be on a ship, we would be trying to escape it all on our own, and fun would follow. What this game is in fact is a series of fetch quests while you walk around on your cell phone talking to all sorts of crazies on board this ship. So you’re not alone, the enemies aren’t that  intimidating after a while, the boss fights are few and weak, and the story really loses all sense in act 3. I understand if this is just the intro to a great series, but they’re just trying to set up too much in this first game  if so.

Do not get me wrong: this is a great game. You pick up the controller, beat a chapter or two, then go off to bed or whatever. There’s replay value up the roof and everything about the game is polished and clean. It’s a great game, but not a “classic.” It succeeds in showing that the RE4 style of play works well in any form, but this game needed to deliver more in terms of gameplay or story depth to outshine the classic.

Basically, I’m not itching to play this game 40 times like I probably did with RE4. I guess blood on every wall, doors in my face every ten seconds, and  tight quarters aren’t my thing.


PS – I forgot to mention BioShock. Instead of water, this game has blood; instead of Big Daddies, this game has brutes; instead of whatever, this game does the same thing. BioShock was more like an RPG though, and this game is  more on the RE4 side of action.

Playstation 3 Controls
X use, *reload R1 melee, *fire
O *kinesis to grab then R1 to fire object R2 Curbstomp, *alternate fire
SQU health, *statis LS Look around, aim
TRI inventory, *jump to zero-g RS move
L1 Aim D-pad Select Weapons
L2 Run Start Pause
Select Look at the map, objectives, inventory, and database

*press L1 (aim) and the button
**I assume the 360 controls match these, with maybe the shoulder buttons being switched or something.