Dead Space Review


Zombies in Spaaace

In the deepest regions of space, aboard a disabled mining ship, a new dimension of terror has been discovered. In the new game Dead Space, E.A. has crafted a truly gripping and immersive game that is truly frightening to play.

Cast as engineer Isaac Clarke, you and your crew arrive for routine repairs to a remote mining ship, the Ishimura. The docking procedures do not go as planned and Clarke and his team find themselves trapped aboard the ishimura, and if this was not bad enough, something has gone horribly wrong aboard the mining ship.

Very shortly into the game, Clarke becomes separated from his team, and under siege from a series of bizarre and deadly creatures that infest the station. Armed with a simple plasma cutter weapon, Clarke must not only survive the aliens that roam the station but he must complete several tasks such as restoring the ships tram service and unblocking vital areas of the ship.

As the story unfolds, Clarke is able to upgrade his arsenal through the collection and use of power nodes, and through collecting credits, is able to purchase new weapons such as military grade rifles and flamethrowers to fight off the Necromorphs.

Clarke is able to keep in touch with his team through the game thanks to the com system which allows for a holographic display to appear before the player. For those who do not want to have to stand in place to watch the messages, you can move around the ship and still watch the messages as the screen will travel with you as you move.

Players will also be able to gain access to various crew logs as well which will help fill in the back story of what happened aboard the Ishimura prior to your arrival.

The game has plenty of challenges moments aside from the deadly creatures as low gravity and zero air locales present new challenges that players will have to overcome.

In a very shrewd move, simply pumping several rounds into an enemy is not enough to bring them down, as they will develop new limbs and vulnerable areas as the game unfolds which forces players to adapt their combat style to an ever changing enemy. Players also have a stasis option which allows them to momentarily slow objects and creatures in order to pass them or gain a strategic advantage. Players also gain other skills as the game unfolds such as the ability to move large objects via a special option on the weapons.

Another nice feature is allowing players have numerous save stations throughout the levels which thankfully does not force players to repeat tough areas of the game trying to reach a needed checkpoint in order to save progress.