Dead Space 3 Review

Research Facility 1


Now for the storyline.  As I figured, it took a hit.  Isaac has turned his back on everyone and everything.  He stopped caring about fighting the Necromorphs.  He stopped talking to his woman.  He became a shut-in and wanted nothing more than to drink space beer, watch Letterman, and dig intergalactic lint out of his belly button.  He ignores every attempt at contact from his estranged girlfriend.  Then, during a call from her for help, he decides that this is the perfect time to throw on his suit and get back to fighting?  It’s weak storytelling at best.

Worse than that, the whole tie-in of the plot comes together with so many holes and weak links you would thing that Stephanie Meyer had a hand in the writing.  And even worse than worse, it’s all just repetition from the first two games.  Kill this, get to there.  Oops, you need this, go there and get it.  Come back, use it.  Now you have to go here.  Mini games, traipses back and forth through places you’ve been to get crap you need.  All of this leading up to the big revelation of the series, which falls flat and listless on the ground.  It would be okay, if it wasn’t a repeat of the first two games with a crap ending as the big payoff.

It’s sad to think that with a more imaginative writer, this game could have been the end-all be-all of the Dead Space series.  But like so many franchises before it, it fell to the whim of people who think that shooting stuff is more interesting than having a reason for it all.  Visceral seems to have forgotten why many of us played the games to begin with.  Scares, action, and crafty storytelling working in harmony.  And Dead Space 3 is lacking seriously lacking here.

But what it lacks in storytelling, it more than makes up for in action and replayability thanks to added modes, new crafting modes, upgraded weapons systems, and the ability to play it all with a friend.  Despite what it tries to do to itself, it’s still a damned good game, and I can see myself playing it through more than twice.

Fun Factor
It sure is a lot of fun exploring, but gameplay is pretty much the same
A few game improvements to make it less annoying
Excellent soundtrack and sounds
A rather quick romp, but multiplayer deserves a re-run
Best-looking space zombies ever
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