Dead Space 3 Review

Research Facility 1


I’ve counted the days, my friends.  Easily my favorite video game franchise of all time, the third installment in the Dead Space series is finally here.  Sure, it hasn’t exactly been that long since the last one, but for those of us who finished the second one and had to wait all this time, it was excruciating.  But now it’s here.  I got my copy at midnight and immediately started playing.  Now I give you my review of the latest trials of Isaac Clark as he battles to defeat the Necromorphs for good.

Like many fans of the franchise, I have been wary of how the game would be affected by the addition of co-op multiplayer mode.  And as I suspected, it has its ups and downs.  It seems, like so many other games out there, that the story took a beating in order for the gameplay to appeal to guys who wear their hats backwards and bro-fist all the time.  Which pisses me off almost as much as when Lara Croft became a household name when she was intended to be a dreamgirl for PC gamers.  But I digress…

Dead Space 3 puts us in the shoes of Isaac Clark for the third time.  He’s now off to find his girlfriend Ellie, who saved his ass at the end of DS2.  This time you are joined by a playable co-op character known as John Carver.  Not to be confused with John Carter, the Disney movie.