Dead Rising! The feel good game of the season!


The most original zombie game ever made

In Dead Rising, you play a photo journalist named Frank West who decends on the Colorado city of Willamette in order to catch a big scoop that he’s gotten a line on. Chartering a helicopter Frank flies over the city and sees all sorts of horrible murders and killing, it appears that the citizens of Willamette have all gone crazy. Landing at the towns Mall, the helicopter pilot tells Frank he will pick him up in 72 hours just as military choppers show up and chase him away.

First and foremost, Frank is a journalist, so he’s determined to find out what the story is, so he finds his way down to the main area of the mall and sees a group of people all standing around trying to figure out what to do, as a horde of maniacal people are desperately trying to get in. Well no sooner do you look around and are instructed to help bar the doors, quite possibly one of the dumbest women ever to be featured in a video game, opens the door because her toy poodle has gotten away from her. Now I can forgive this, cause the game rocks (more on this later) but the idea that a woman would open the doors when clearly thousands of zombies are trying to get in, in order to save her dog is just plain insane. I love my dog, but if he was foolish enough to run out into a field of the undead, then so be it.

Regardless of the semantics, the zombies come flooding in and you are thrust into the first real challenge of the game, saving people. It seems that most people in this town are incapable of saving themselves so you must run towards them and either verbally instruct them or in some cases, take hold of them and lead them to safety. You may be a journalst in search of a story, but you are a human being first and foremost and as it turns out, one with a heroic heart beating within him (sniff, sniff, so inspirational). Plus. it gives you an opportunity to do what you probably bought the game for, beat the undead until their the, uh, dead.

Using literally any and everything as a weapon, you must claw, hack, burn, shoot and any other adjective you want to the zombies standing between you and your story, and the still living humans.