Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough


Case 6

It was 3am for me, and there are 3 side missions, Zombrex 4 is counting down, and morning is very soon.

If you don’t have a Zombrex, go get one now. There is one on the hand of the statue in the middle of Yucatan if you need it, but we should still have one, even after giving one to the survivor.

  • I assume you killed all four hunters. If not, scroll above and do so – or  don’t, up to you.

Also, if you dropped the leadership book, feel free to pick one up at the  bingo hall in the Silver Strip at any time.

Heal up, make some bats, bring some health, and head out.

Family Feud (part 1)

Head back to very rooftop you just downed the chopper, at the hotel. Talk to Lil once and head to Atlantica. She’s just inside the casino, so cut a path, talk twice, and now you have a choice. It’s crunk time, so think about either taking her back to the hotel now, or bringing her into the boss fight. She is okay to bring to the nearby boss fight.
World’s Most Dangerous Trick
Requirements:  Sniper rifles for my trick   Melee weapons for normal way   Food

They are in the right side room as you enter Atlantica.

Very tough boss fight if you don’t know the trick, or what could just be a  small glitch.

I had Camille with me, so the first thing I did was run to the slot floor and put her in the middle. She was fine there the whole fight.

Roger will be the mobile one, Reed on the big gun. The normal way to do this  is to isolate one and take him out, usually Roger so that you can take out the faster, weaker one first.

Roger is just like most of the other fast bosses, has a cheap lunge attack and will hit you after you hit him twice. Just like all other bosses, you want to bash away at him, take you licks, heal up, and continue. He is actually  pretty generous in that he will flee often, so you have plenty of time to heal up or whatever. And it’s advised to fight him in the slot area, like  deep if possible.

Reed will mostly stay to the stage area. He will shoot his rockets at you that  will stun Roger if they connect. The best way to avoid him is to stay in the slot area. When you want to attack him, just melee away like all the others.

My trick involves sniper rifles and cheesing it. What happened was I was  fighting Roger like normal, and Reed made one sweep outside the show room. I fought Roger on the east end of the casino by the slots. I fought him and he ran away, and much earlier Reed had come to this spot but had long since retreated back to the show room.

I healed, waited, and no one came after me. I took out my sniper rifle and peeked through the left doorway (opposite the clam side) and I shot at what  looked like blue shoulders. I figured I had shot Reed, but both of them were just standing inside the show room, hugging the wall. If I had known I would have kept sniping the shoulders of both.

Now again, I had to barely peek through this doorway and all I could see was their shoulders. My theory is they have programming to retreat to this spot  when you leave the room, but to start the fight they both did follow me  out to the slot area.

So you have two ways to go about this: lure them outside and dispatch one at a time, or cheese it and try to snipe their shoulders through the doorway. And again, I can’t stress enough how it may not be so easy to pull the trick off, especially if Capcom releases a patch or something.

  • They both drop a weapon on stage, a sword and the rocket launcher. This thing is not so impressive, but it’s nice to bring with to at least clear some mobs. But losing this gun or dropping it is no big deal, it’s just a fun weapon and won’t win you the game or anything.

Two’s Company

Depends on your time, but this is a short mission.

These two are at the Excitorama at the west end of the Silver Strip. If coming off the magician fight, you can run right into these two with Camille. Open the shop, shut the door behind you. Talk to them and they want you to hear their jokes and give the trophy on the counter to one of them. Pick it up and give it to Royce so that you can also get Walter to join for free. Giving it to Walter requires $5,000 to get Royce – brotha be trippin’!

You can take them two and Camille back to the hotel.

Family Feud (part 2)

With Camille, go out and head for the hotel and get Lil on the roof.

Now bring this posse back to base.
Zombrex 4

Should be nothing to do but give Katey Zombrex. If you need to scramble for  one, rush to Yucatan and climb the statue in the middle for one in its hand. But if you got one, just chill and inject when ready.
Fortune City Botany Club

Vikki in the rest area wants you to go save a plant, all the way in Palisades. So you can take the secret passage at the Royal Flush restroom if you want.

The plant is in the art museum place you were at before to buy that epic  painting. It’s right in front, so pick it up, turn, and take the secret passage back.

  • As an alternative, you could arm up by taking the Yucatan > Silver Strip path back to base. If you do you can pick up the LMG, zombrex, and shotgun from the middle of Yucatan. Just climb the statue, jump on it’s side, and to the pan in front of it. Not required, but could help.

Whatever you do, just get the plant to Vikki and hit the next case, Help Arrives. Then you can save and go to the next case.
Mutant Zombies

Save and go out to run into two of the super zombies (mega zombies?) in the  normally safe area. Not all zombies have turned, but these kind will be  sprinkled in the mobs. They are not a great threat, they are just more  dangerous and a little harder to avoid, but the bottom line is you can still avoid them.

One thing to know about these mutant zombies is they are a big threat if you stop to do anything. They have a projectile vomit attack, and it seems that just being in the area they shoot will somehow make you dazed for a moment, and this in turns lets them get to you and grab you.

Once grabbed you go into a struggle mini game that you won’t break out of  until dead or you win. There are two parts, on your feet for two presses and on the ground for three presses. You want to get the first two so that you can end it then. Both struggles will usually involve the sticks, then timed button presses.

If you need to do something, like I’m about to ask you to, you may want to think about kill one, waiting for a queen to run away, grab it, and use it to clear yourself. More will come, but you’ll have bought time.

Other than that, you may want to just hack away at these guys. Probably move too as you don’t want to be a sitting target.


I include this because the next boss is very tough. What I ask you to do here is do some item fetching, which is completely optional but good advice to ensure a kill.

*NOTE: There may be a zombrex at the base, in the rest area, but I can’t  confirm that now, I found out late. No big deal if not.*

  • Painkillers x2 – This is a mixed drink, made from two vodka and a blender. The closest place to make these is the bar in the middle of the Americana Casino, not the tiny side bar by the food place. Feel free to make three if you want to be really safe.
  • Knife Gloves – Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves. You can find knives on almost any of the zombies, and I got mine from the zombies in Americana as I made the  painkillers. The gloves are in the sports store just to the left as you  exit the base entrance if you hug the wall, not the two-level sports store further down. If you can get two knives and two gloves, feel free to get two.
  • Maintenance Room – You got the one to your base, the one in a shop in Royal Flush, and even one on the way to the tunnels from Royal Flush. I used the  one in the Tunemakers shop.
  • Full health – Heal up with creamers/OJ and feel free to bring an extra if you have room, just to wipe away wounds en route to the next boss.
  • Leadership mag/health mag – No longer needed, you can drop them.
  • Extra weapons – I had the scimitar and a few guns, but if you want some  flexibility you may want to drop the guns. You’ll have to drop them for an upcoming pair of survivors, so may as well do so now.
  • Sniper Rifles – If you have any they can be used for the next boss, but only if you want to play the timid way. You can drop them now, waste them, or  whatever, but you don’t need them.
  • Save – I did most of my work in Royal Flush, so I saved at the corner  bathroom.

Head to the underground access door that is at the other end of Royal Flush, on a right side wall. I caution you, if you don’t have painkillers, some good melee weapons, and skills, you may want to stock up on health items.

Down in the tunnels, hop on a security cart. If you played the last game you may remember that vehicles deteriorate with hits. So you want to AVOID hitting zombies down here as much as you can. Hitting 2-3 every 100 yards or so is not bad, and you could probably hit 100 zombies in total before a cart blows up. But you can tell the damage as the thing will start to smoke. Luckily, there are lots of carts scattered around here, you just need to be able to clear the mutant zombies if you do get on foot.

The goal is to reach the area that is two “pit stops” down the tunnel if you go northerly (where the arrow points you). Truth is you can get to the target  area from a number of access points on the northeast side of the ground level, but the carts make this path much easier.

Once you are near the spot, and you can see the bike in front of it, drive up to the half-shut gate, hop out, and run to the area with the crashed humvee.
Last Stand
Requirements: Painkillers (2 vodka in a blender)   Kinfe Gloves (bowie knife + boxing gloves

Boykin is the most dangerous enemy you’ve face so far. We’re talking about  3 hits and you’ll die.

He can shoot you from distance, toss grenades that have a somewhat small  radius, and up close you’re pretty much gonna get pasted with a big combo. It’s almost random if he will roll away while being attacked or punch back, but if he rolls away he will follow that up with an attack. So you could do the basic attack twice and roll away, or keep going, or use his roll away as

One key thing that you could maybe try to cheese is waiting for him to run to one of his “buddies” in which he will pause – such as when he yells. If you can wait for these then you could really play it safe. Sniper rifles are viable here

The strat here is pretty simple if you brought at least one painkiller, are above level 30, and have the gloves. You can just run up and slash him, he’ll do his combo, toss you, you hide, and then run in to do it again. When you need to heal, find cover and do so. The painkillers fill you to full and give you a half damage buff for a minute, so use it only when low on health, say around 3 boxes of life.

That’s pretty much in. One thing is you should try to engage him while he’s  moving away, not when incoming to you as he will kick you or smack you when in range, so it’s best to either attack him early but he may get through your  attack. So run around, hide, let him come to you, wait for him to run for  ammo or whatever, it’s just however cautious you wish to be. But if you have three painkillers/health items, then you can be pretty reckless and should do fine.

My bro says he drops an LMG, but I already had one so maybe you can only have one at a time.

  • Patch yourself up and pick up Rebecca. You can get her into a cart and drive up the nearby ramp, but that involves both stopping to load and stopping to unload and pick her back up. The alternative is to carry her the whole way and if you can avoid the mutants you won’t have to stop for anything. It’s a tough call, but I say if you can dodge the mutants you should just carry her.

Basically you want to go way around mutants as they will swipe you off your course, and you can’t run through them. So full on avoidance is the name of the game, and if you get caught just fight for a wasp and use it. Pick Rebecca back up, and enter the Slot Ranch and head back home.

May want to heal up before if out of stuff, or before you take to the vent.

Also, you could do some prep and get a few queens, but that is overkill and not required for the next part.

May have to vfend off a mutant or two, but for the most part the zombies should be after the other survivors. And they can die, but not if you work fast.

The first two items should be to the left and down the stairs, and one being  down the hallway to the right. Not hard, just follow your arrow, pick them up, and barrel back to the busted panel and press the button to put them down.  When you have all three, use the panel, and then use again to play the mashing game where I advise you place the controller on your knee and do the index finger jackhammer, but whatever works.