Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough


Case 5

Hunger Pains should be counting down, and at the South Plaza you have “WWJWD.” To prep, be sure to grab a few drinks and make a few spiked bats.
Hunger Pains
Requirements:  Food

You’ll find him at the cafe on the Platinum Strip where you found that old guy at the start. He needs food to join, and if you didn’t bring any, there is a  vending machine across the street. Give him something and take him home.

He rewards you with a Zombrex.

  • If was a little over 6am for me, so there was no time to go for another scoop or anything else. I just made a spiked bat or two, healed up, and grabbed some health items. Feel free to explore Royal Flush, but don’t missed the next  objective.

*NOTE: We should have a few shotguns and both katanas from the twins.*

Zombrex 3

We already gave Katey 2, and one to a survivor, maybe. So this should be the fourth one we need.

We should already have 2 on us. One from the Mail Order Zombrex fight and  another we may have picked up from the Americana or Slot Ranch.

Well, Hunger Pains just gave us another, so if you’ve followed so far you should have 3 on you at this moment. If you have none, I will refer you to the other Zombrex portions of this guide because at the very least the quest  above gave you one.
Requirements: Melee weapons   Health items   Guns not needed

He’s at the South Plaza, behind the hotel.

If you’re level 20+, this shouldn’t be too hard to out-damage this guy straight up. If you got a katana, just go slice him up, take his hits, and hopefully a  few zombies will help you distract him for an easier win.

Just stay close, attack him to disrupt his attacks, and it should be easy. If you have health I guess you can run and try to use it behind cover or in a  room, but straight up attacking should work fine.

Pick up the Six Shooter, it’s got 60 rounds.

  • After, pick up Ray in the nearby room. Pick either way to get back to base to  turn him in.

Ante Up
Requirement to win: Knowledge of poker

This will be deep in the base, in a back room.

Try to play fast, win or lose, because the game timer is still running. The blinds go in small and build up until every hand is all-in. And it’s strip  poker, and to eliminate someone you need to take them out three times.

A quick guide:

  • Big blinds and small blinds rotate around the table, so if you have to  pay one you may as well play the hand out unless you have garbage and  someone raises a bunch.
  • Fold when you think you won’t win, because living to fight another day  is about the only way to win.
  • Checking means you pass the option to the next player and if no one  does anything the next card will hit.
  • There are 3 rounds of betting, and the first flop is of 3 cards, then  one more twice after.
  • A pair is usually enough to win, but a low pair is not great.   Conversely, if you raise because you have a godly hand, you may scare  away all betters.
  • And above all, it’s a game of luck. Playing hands, not playing hands, it may  all come through as a wash and boil down to your luck. You have to play a bunch of hands in order to kill off three players three times each, but again, the  game will be finished once the blinds are huge.

You can check your watch as you play to check the status of scoops, so if you are taking too long you can just go all-in and see what happens.

You can even play more, but it’s only 5,000 PP for each elimination and 10,000 for taking out all 5 possible contestants. They are:

Jack Ellis – Welcome to the Family  Woodrow Rutherford – Bank Run (we haven’t done this yet)  Kristin Harris – drunk girl from Americana  Trixie-Lynn – Barn Burner  Cora Russel – Fetching Females

And they stay naked after the game, so there is some motivation to only take out the ladies and lose to the guys…

*NOTE: Jack will yield his helmet for the Knight Armor.*

  • If eliminated or not, it may be best to play and lose. This way you’ll have the underwear costume unlocked for an upcoming mission, Slave to Fashion.

Chemical Dependency

This pops up around noon, or maybe when you leave the safe house. It’s for that one guy that you gave Zombrex too, he needs more. Hopefully you have a few extra.

Again, just a quick recap, we had one from Hunger Pains and should have  another from either the Mail Order Zombrex fight or the Americana/Slot Ranch.

With one to spare, you’ll find Jared in the rest area, which is in front of the restrooms if you didn’t know.

  • If you lost in Ante Up, feel free to now switch to your underwear, save, and go out.

However, if you go out to the Fortune Park, you should hit a scene with some  hunters. Please get some health items before going outside to confront the first one.

*NOTE: If you think Big Earl will cause you grief, one option here is to  do Bank Run now, turn the guy in, and then continue on.*
Big Earl

He was on the other side of the water fountain when I emerged from Royal  Flush Plaza, and he’s on a scaffolding adjacent to the hotel. Just approach from the fountain and use the pole as cover, then dodge, roll, zig zag, or whatever to avoid his shots; takes a while to reload, so use that to your advantage.

Climb up the spot right in front of him, or at the east end of the scaffolding, and try to hop over as he shoots so he misses. Then just slice him up twice, roll away, do it again, and chase him if needed. If he gets distance on you, roll to try and dodge his bullet.

If you need health, hop over the side and recover, but if nothing else just go aggressive and hope you kill him first. Of course hopping over may hurt you, so you can also use the alcoves on the wall, like just left of where you first hit him. Also, it may be best to climb up just under him, seems to help keep  him from shooting you.

Pick up the sniper rifle.

  • You may be wondering about the other three. They are scattered in other places, but at least the Park is clear.

If you want, go to the Silver Strip and pick this up at the bingo hall, it’s the leadership book. Will save you a lot of waiting for the upcoming survivor. You want to avoid Johnny for now, and you can do so by just hugging the wall under him. You can go fight him if you want, but I doubt you have the health items or time to do so.
Slave to Fashion
Requirements: Underwear, which can be unlocked if you lose to the poker game  during the Ante Up mission, or play it again and lose.

To start, think about already being in your underwear. You’ll get the costume upon meeting the girl (woah) but since Ante Up offers it you may as well get  it now, change, and head out.

She’s at the hotel to the south, so it could be best to go through the Royal Flush exit to the park.

Europa takes a lot of talking to until she will join, and she will hit the  floor and then ask to be carried – giddy up! And you don’t have to carry her, but the option to do so should always be taken, and it’s hot!

*NOTE: If you didn’t get the underwear from Ante Up, you’ll have to change at the store she tells you about, at the other end of the South Plaza.*

Take her through the South Plaza and the Arena portion, heading to Americana.


Shell Shocked
Requirement: Leadership book from the bingo hall in the Silver Strip, and  this is not a pie in the sky requirement, you need this book or don’t  bother with this guy yet. Go get the book and come back.

This guy is at the west end of Americana, and to approach you need to do so from the left, put down Europa if you have her, and help Dean fend off the  nearby zombies while watching his aim. Talk to him ASAP and get him to join you.

He is too slow to take without the book, because you’ll burn most of the day waiting on him. I know the wheelchair can be used, but it’s very hard to get working – the book is easier.

It may be possible to lead him back in time before Bank Run expires, but you’ll almost have to get him moving ASAP by giving him commands.

But again, get the book or don’t bother with this guy. I might say otherwise if you already did Bank Run, but still you would be wasting a lot of time waiting for this guy.

  • Turn both in, get your clothes back… please, and save. On approach to the Slot Ranch, you should get another mission for the place.

Might want to get a golf club at the sports shop on your way to slot ranch for a future quest. Not crucial, but would help.

Also, feel free to grab the tuxedo from the store just right of the exit to Slot Ranch. May as well.
Bank Run

Be wary not to approach the stage or else you will trigger the pseudo-psycho. But you could do that mission, but you need to get this before it expires. If you do, then consider reloading or lose Art Appreciation.

*NOTE: While talking to him the first time, pick up a whiskey from the bar for the next mission.*

Talk to him, defend him, speed him up, and he will ask you to help him  “withdraw” some funds from the ATM’s around here. He’s at the first one, and the second is near the stage, then you take two at the food court, and that’s it.

You need to talk to him as soon as he hits the ATM to make him do his thing and leave. Also, follow behind him to pick up the loose cash he drops.

Woodrow can play the poker game, so feel free to beat him if you’re into that kinda thing…

  • Get him to join and go through Yucatan to hit Palisades; not through the strip.

Art Appreciation
Requirements: $3,000

Head up to Palisades, up the escalator, and go into the art shop to talk to the crying dude. Talk, pay up, and grab the painting to store away.

Of course use the secret passage at the clothing store.

  • Turn them in and save. You are rewarded $50,000 for saving Woodrow, which more than covers the cost of Randolphs epic fail.

Also, turn in the fail painting to Katey as one of the gifts.

Bent Wood
Requirements: Unused Golf Club

This is given by Luz at the rest area, but you can get a golf club at any time prior. It should be unused, so try not to use one before turning it in.

The closest one is at the sports store in Royal Flush, where you picked her up in the first place, which is on the first floor and mid-way to the exit to Slot Ranch.

Get the jump on the looters, kill all three, and grab the club to store away. If they knock you out, reload the game as it’s too much to lose all your stuff.
Know When to Fold ‘em
Requirements: $25,000

Remember, with Johnny on the roof, hug the left wall as you enter the park and start down the strip.

Head to the Silver Strip and find this guy in the casino by the stage. Give him the cash both times and bring Bill home.

  • Turn him in, give the club to Luz, let the quest complete, give the painting to Katey if you forgot a while ago, and save. Might be pressed for time, but just stroll to the end of the hall, up the stairs, and use the elevator. This is the short Stake Out mission that is really just something to keep you on track as you have more time to get to the hotel.

So we have some options here on what to finish our time up with. I say grab something to drink and head to Slot Ranch.
One Hit Wonder
Requirements: Tuxedo from Modern Businessman in Royal Flush, which is just by    the entrance to Slot Ranch   Drink

*NOTE: You can do this with Woodrow in toe, just talk fast. The problem is  that Art Appreciation should be ticking down, so you really need to let this mission wait.*

You approach the stage in Slot Ranch and a scene rolls, but she is not a  psychopath just yet. Hop up and talk to her to learn she needs something to drink. If you already got one, you can hand it to her, or visit the bar across the room.

Turning in a drink she will want you in better clothes, so go to Royal Flush if you don’t already have the tux and get in on in the shop just to the left. And if you already had it on, just talk to her again.

Next you need a dozen or so zombies to huddle around the stage. If it’s night they should just come to you, otherwise you may need to go bait a bunch to  follow you, and hop on the stage and she’ll tell you when there are enough.

Talk and she’ll put you on the controls on stage right. After the scene, get  ready for three dance dance revolution waves; very easy. After the show, do a  body slam or just fend off the horde, and then talk to get her to join. Be very careful of how much you damage her as she may turn on you, but once she joins and the other three, move up and ask them to move – just in case Bibi freezes for you like she did for me.

With all four, take them back to the base.
Dead or Alive?

Head to Palisades, using the bathroom passage in Royal Flush (lol), men’s side.

Go down the escalators and jump up to him on the slot machines. This is a long convo, but if you leave after starting it he will off himself. Just keep talking until he joins. Body slam down and head to Atlantica.

Stranded Siren

Follow the left wall all the way to the clam shell. If you have Andy, clear a  few zombies and then jump up and talk to her until she joins. Pick her up and turn back to Palisades to use the secret passage to turn these two in.

  • This section has been epically long, but we are almost to the end.

At this point I was level 30, had 2 spiked bats, 2 lightly-used katanas, the sniper rifle, the leadership mag, and 3 other slots. I chose 2 creamers/OJ and the Health (1) mag at the news stand in Royal Flush. We’re gonna hunt us a  hunter or two.

*NOTE: If pressed for time on the case, feel free to do the case at any time.*

He’s the dude above the Slot Ranch that has been causing you to hug the wall if heading to the Silver Strip.

To get to him, there is a ladder between his roof and the entrance to Slot  Ranch. So if you leave out the Royal Flush door, just go left along the wall and you’ll see a tiny alley with a maintenance room and the ladder nearby.

This fight is easy because you have better hiding spots to heal up. The spiked bat is a good choice, just smack him around as much as you can if you have  healing items, or do the two and roll if you want to play safe and longer.  Use the vents to heal, chase him, bash on him, and don’t let him have distance on you; same as the Big Earl fight.

Also another sniper rifle.

He is above Atlantica. To get to him you need to locate the Excitorama on the right side as you enter the Silver Strip from the park. But if you’re coming from the Johnny fight, careful of Derrick’s shot, move fast.

The path is just right of the Playboy shop, through some doors. Clear the  zombies if you want to load up on a few snacks, just be sure you have melee weapons. Take the door at the end and the ladder to enter the fight.

He will come running after you soon. The key cover is the vent just up ahead to the left as you enter, but don’t stand on the pipes on the ground or you will be hit. For this and with a lack of healing items most likely, just try to  bash him fast.

Again, use that vent for cover, but don’t stand on the pipes. There is whiskey in the back corner if needed, or to heal (lol). But do grab one or two if you have nothing else to heal.

  • The main case should be about halfway down, so you have some options. You can settle the Two’s Company quest and turn them in quickly, or you could even go get the fourth militia guy over the theater in Platinum Strip. It’s your call, but if pressed for time, feel free to get the case rolling. If The Getaway is just in the yellow, you got some melee weapons, and you’re up for it, go after the last hunter.

*NOTE: Without a survivor for a while, you can drop the leadership book for health.*



Our last hunter is over the theater on the Platinum strip. In order to get to  him you must hug the wall of the theater, go through Jugz, and take the ladder in the back alley. Remember to bring at least one health item.

Don’t try to snipe him, just run up or let him run to you and get in to start bashing away. Either vent left or right of where he starts is good cover, and  where he was posted up has health. Same tactic as the others.

Not sure what 4 sniper rifles do for ya, but you can have them if needed.
The Getaway

Head to the hotel and you have four armed guards, but melee works fine if you don’t mind getting scratched, and then one more pops out of the left elevator. You may want one of their rifles, but depends on how many sniper rifles you are packing.

If you brought anyone with you for whatever reason, send them with Rebecca.

The chopper is attached to a crane, and the idea here is to bring the chopper in close to the building where you can throw something onto it, any of the various items near the button. And you have to be near the very corner of the  roof or else you won’t be able to reach the chopper, so it’s good to pile up items at that spot because you don’t have forever to grab stuff as the  chopper is parked.

So to start you can toss the cone at it. Then you must run away, or just roll to avoid the minigun as it mostly just goes in a straight line. You could use the crane base cover if you can time your rolls to go under the crane when the chopper flies in a circle. It’s really the only way to hit the button  without getting shot by the minigun after it spins. You want to run to the  base of the crane, and roll just as it’s coming at you – not too soon.

And that’s the fight. The vents where Rebecca hides are good hiding spots for  you. Run out between gun fire and roll to the button. It takes two guardrails, a spotlight, and a cone. One thing to do is grab a guardrail move around with it, and roll when needed. Throw them to the side of the roof for when needed.

It’s really not that hard of a fight, and once you figure how to roll under the crane and roll from the minigun you won’t need much health. But there are a few beers behind the vents.