Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough


Case 4

Case 4 doesn’t start for a long time, so let’s have some fun.

This quest is all the way at the corner of the map, at the far end and on the  second level of Palisades.
Everyone Knows Slappy
Requirements:  Melee weapons   Experience doing jump kicks

Examine the dead mascot by the toy shop and the scene rolls.

Slappy will roll around spewing flames, and if not attacked he will shoot fire balls at you. No, guns are not the answer here as they do not do nearly enough damage for how hard it is to target this guy.

Instead, use drop kicks while Slappy is rolling. Just stand in front of him, get ready, and use the jump kick to knock him down. You don’t need to jump too early or you’ll just glance him. You basically just jump as he’s a few  feet away and kick him dead on.

*NOTE: Jump up, press the attack button, and unless you are holding a sword or something that uses this function, you’ll do a forward kick in the air.*

Once down, run behind him and hit him thrice, then retreat. You can get in more hits and if you don’t mind the damage you can keep going. But after three hits he will get to his feet and do a 360 of fire to knock you away. That’s the  whole fight really.

A few extra notes. You can retreat west to the grocery store and he will follow you. This spot provides health and cover. And when in a store Slappy will do a slow stroll of fire in your direction; meaning if you get out and in front you can have an easy kick from his non-fire hand.

Final note, after his 360 spin, he will stagger for a good while, inviting you to resume your assault. This is great for a kill shot or if you’re just fully cheesing the unlimited health in the store.

You are rewarded with the flamethrower combo card.

And feel free to pick up the flamethrower on the ground after the fight.

  • Head out through Atlantica and you’ll run into Janus, so talk twice and he  joins.

I will warn you, you don’t have to do this psychopath with Janus, but it’s not that hard to juggle him. If you know the send and stay command for  survivors (such as L2 + TRI on the PS3) then you can leave Janus in a far corner or take him out side and set him by the wall; he should be fine and he’s rich so he’s like a god anyway.

If you want, you can save the next psycho for later and just get Liz and  head back; it’s your call.
Here Comes the Groom
Requirements: 2 Melee   2-3 Guns (or 1)   1 health item just in case

*NOTE: All the cops in Atlantica have guns.*

Head for the door leading from the Silver Strip to Slot Ranch and enter the  chapel next door.

Randy is has a pretty obvious flaw, his belt buckle. The problem is getting him to go into a taunt. This can be achieved by running around, hoping his swing attack misses, and then hope he goes into a taunt. You of course need to be  in front of him, so using the benches is not a good idea.

If he taunts, aim for the pig face on his junk and shoot him once or twice,  then run up and unload melee swings on his real face. Like Slappy you can get in like 6 hits if you want, but he too does a wicked recovery attack, so don’t hang around him too long if you want to stay fresh.

That’s it, not hard. Again, if you have Janus, just send him into a corner as he will only take a few hits before dying.

Grab the pink chainsaw from the podium after the fight. Remember, you need to rev it up and it’s not an inventory item, it is only a main-hand weapon.

  • After, get Danni to join. You’ll notice there is a mission called Par for the  Course in Royal Flush, so you have no choice but to pass by it. Also, Danni is slow, so just keep an eye on that not to leave her.

Luz is fighting in the sports store at the corner, so grab a bat and help her out. Talk twice and bring your three/two guys home.

Janus will give you $70,000 for your help, which was about 300% of what I had.

*NOTE: At level 19 you learn the roll ability.*

Stuart’s Scheme

This guy is waiting in front of the bathroom at the safehouse, so save and  talk.

Talking to him the whole way will gain the “Mutiny Averted!” Unlike the last game, you only risk a few survivors here, but it’s hard to miss this as I just told you to return to base, so there is almost no reason to miss this one.

  • Should go without saying, but make a few spiked bats before you head out.

Mail Order Zombrex

Just left as you exit the base you will find a mail cart. Grab the OJ at the  stand if needed, and then examine.

Carl is a very easy fight, especially if you can get him to dance around the  stone sign near his cart.

His attack is to shoot three shells, pause, and then shoot three more. It’s after the sixth shot that you need to run up and bash him. Just wail on him because if you get to him before he starts to reload you can get in two  batches of hits and only take a small hit from his melee attack.

He will run around and toss bombs, but if you are not following him then you can easily avoid them. He may also tag you if you go for the two rounds of  smacks, but it’s not a death-blow or anything.

He will always post up at the corner of a shop, but he won’t waste his ammo. You have to be exposed, so just run from side to side in front of him until he has shot two volleys. Then run up and don’t let up the assault.

Remember, OJ if needed, and moving around may complicate things, but there is more health down at the big dice to the east. Also, the mag at the news- stand will increase your health from items, so the one OJ can be like two.

Grab the shotgun he drops. Load up on health at the food court and save  in the Yucatan bathrooms.

There is another shotgun just opposite the doors to the club, behind the  counter. Very good replacement for a weakened weapon.

*NOTE: Combo card at the poster in front of the male bathroom in Yucatan, the Freedom Bear! RAWR!*

The Source
Requirements: 3-4 drinks (non-alcoholic)   Melee weapons   the shotgun from Carl helps, and the one behind the counter   save in Yucatan first

Use either the Silver strip or the food court entry to Yucatan; going through the ranch yields money of course. At the casino you must go up some  escalators and fight through a mob to get to the doors, and feel free to use the fire axe to the left at the top of the escalators to work through the undead so you can save a spiked bat or whatever.

Inside you meet the twins. Their attacks are not all too complicated. They come up, slash a few times until they get you, and maybe even if they do hit, and then they run away to hide for a bit.

No, do not attempt anything when both are nearby, or maybe you should because they are bound to hit you.

The game plan is easy, focus on one and keep your distance. Let them get in close, roll or run away until them miss, and either shotgun blast or go in for a few melee swings. They don’t need a lot of damage to kill, so it’s really more about you avoiding hits than you connecting.

Again, ONLY KILL ONE. There is no point in trying to kill both at the same time. The shotguns are great for this fight, but melee may be the real key. It may be best to swing away with a melee weapon at one, suffer the  consequences, and then heal up. Shotguns are at least good for the kill shot, as the blasts are of course more effective up close.

There is plenty of health by way of alcohol, but alcohol is not the answer my friend. Too much and you’ll be sick, causing you to spew out after a few  steps and drop your weapon, which is not good in this fight.

  • Pick up both katanas. And feel free to save at the bathroom again, or just go to Palisades.

Fetching Females
Requirments: $10,000 (that’s not good)

You’ll find these lovely ladies on top of the bar/pool in the middle of the  ground floor. Take the stairs and introduce yourself, but these gals do not come cheap. They want $10,000 in order for you to save them… women. So long as you saved Janus from earlier this is not a huge price.

No way around it, so pay up and feel free to use the secret passage in the shop upstairs. Which is advised since the other mission is far away.  Remember, you get this passage from saving the tanning girl earlier.

These girls are easy to escort as they are strong.

  • Turn these ladies in. For once you should be well ahead of your time for the next main objective.