Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough

Case 3

Run For the Money

You have to hit up 3 drills set up near casinos. This is kinda of a “break” for a main quest, as you have a long time and the objectives are spread out.
Drill #1: Americana

First, let’s start by hitting the nearest one at Americana. Just go in and hug the left wall and you’ll approach a door guarded by two goons with assualt rifles. You can use yours, or if they are distracted you can melee them while they aren’t looking. Either way, clear your way in, careful of any undead  following, and take out the other two inside. Then use melee on the drill and  beat it to death – the guns are weak on it. Pick up some guns, coffee, and head out.
Rock Heroes

Head out through the strips and go to this marker on Silver Strip, or just follow the music. Hop up on stage from the side and these guys will join you once to talk to them a few times, mainly the lead singer. And if you watch the zombies you will see a cool finisher. Jeanna, Floyd, and Allen join your team.

Keeping in mind we have a main quest and Tastes Like Chicken, but both are  still at full, it’s safe to take these three back to base now. Take them  through the Royal Flush door and it should be easy enough.

Saving them yields a combo card, the Power Guitar.

  • You should have two more quests added: Everyone Knows Slappy and Wilted  Flower.


Drill #2: Slot Ranch

Head to the back of the ranch and there are two outside the door, two inside the door, and two more at the back by the drill. You should expect some damage, but don’t make my mistake and try to pick up a gun that is surrounded by zombies, just bash your way in. You may want to use those guns on the ones at the back, but don’t stay among the slot machines for too long.

Bash the drill, collect some guns (don’t carry all you can, just a few), and restock at the nearby rest area.
Tastes Like Chicken
Requirements: 2 Drinks   2 Guns   2 Melee

Head up to the food court from the ranch, and hug the left wall as you find this guy in the deserted shop.

He has simple actions: bash you up close, or toss some projectiles at you, and then run to one of four “food” points to regen health.

Much like the dude in the bathroom, this is a fight about being able to take a few hits and being aggressive. He is fast and will flee to the food after  a few attacks, so your best way to interrupt him is with a gun. If you don’t have one you’ll have to follow him as best you can and bash him while he eats.

There are some healthy food items at the front of the shop, as well as every other shop nearby, but of course leaving the fight will reset him. And no, you can’t just shoot him to death. Would be nice but no.

The game plan is to attack him twice, run away or jump away, and then shoot him as he flees to eat. At distance, try to hide behind something, not a counter- top to avoid his projectiles.

  • Talk to Cinda and she won’t join you. To find this Jasper, go across the food court to the candy shop called Lombardi’s. To the left you’ll see some  vending machines, and if you climb up those and hop up you’ll hit Jasper. Pick up the bow and arrows if you like, but they are just for stationary  archery. Get Jasper to join and then take him to get Cinda to join.

Drill #3: Yucatan

I would love to tell you to avoid this drill, or even take your two back to base, but it’s much easier to take this drill on now. If you have a bee to toss at the zombies, that helps, otherwise just run after the two guards in front and take them out fast. Work inside and just shoot or slash your way in.

Cut the drill, restock and heal up you and your team, arm them if you can, and head out.

You will get a call about another team of goons at Atlantica.
Wilted Flower
Requirements: Drink

You could be cutting this one close, so hurry to Palisades and find Linette baked in the back of Venus Touch. She wants something to drink, and you can find a coffee at some love seats out front (hopefully it’s cold I guess). Get her to join and she offers you a shortcut (in your messages called Linette’s Passage).

*NOTE: DO NOT go for Everyone Knows Slappy, it’s a psychopath.*

Pick her up and head up the nearby escalators and go to the marked passage. It’s in the corner at the changing room door. Examine to be at Royal Flush.

You pop up at the bathroom near the base hallway, so quickly run back and turn your three guys in.

Be sure to save.
Heist at Atlantica
Requirements:  Guns or lots of health stuff or explosives

This is the continuation of the drill bit (get it?) and it’s on the outside of Atlantica. Careful of your approach as there are about 10 guards at this drill, which is a van.

There are some gas tanks on the side, but for the most part you either need to shoot them from distance or rush in from a side to flank to melee as many as you can. Going in head first will require you to use the van as a wall between a few, so the left of the van will be a primo choice.

There is a pistol if you happend to come unarmed among the grass nearby, north of the van and guarded somewhat from the goons.