Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough


Case 1

I’ll tell you right now that two vodkas and the blender from the bar in the  middle of the Americana Casino will full heal you and give you a damage  reduction buff. It’s not necessary, but if you are a bad player then you may want to consider hitting the bottle from the start. Just something to think about.

Alive on Location

You just saved, but save again if you’re OCD like that.

Upon trying to use the vent to return to the mall, talk with Sullivan next to the vent and he will give you the key, then go out.

You’ll also get 3 new messages to key events. When you open the door ahead  you’ll be introduced to the maintenance room. It’s simple, just grab the nails and bat, then drop both on the table (remember you can scroll through weapons). The spiked bat is your first weapon, and it’s very effective. Take note of the  alternative attack.

Use it to clear the hall and go out to find LaShawndra on a bar. Talk to her twice and she will join. Just clear a quick path and take her to the vent.

You’ll notice that the maintenance room will have another bat to make, and  there is a nearby room with nails and an additional bat in the hall, but you probably just need two bats at the moment.

You’ll also get a message about a lady in distress.

*NOTE: When approaching doors with a mob of zombies in front of it, be sure to fly in from the flank. It’s the shortest point to the door.*

Head through the casino, and we all love gambling but don’t go too crazy  picking up the loose change on the ground, just head out to the strip. You’ll run into Chad, and you either avoid him or approach very carefully. Don’t talk to him 3 times or he joins your party, and we don’t want that just yet.

You can feel free to visit the nearby pawnshop, just talk to the thug behind the chain-linked gate and you can browse, but nothing worth getting at this time.

*NOTE: By this point, the security guard zombies will have pistols, and a few shotguns.*

Go around the corner to hit the hotel. It’s pretty simple, just follow her  through a few zones and you’ll approach the security room. Try to open the  door for a scene. There are snacks in the hall, so heal up and head out the  big doors nearby, that lead to the Platinum Strip – use the map.

  • You should see Doris, and either get her or Chad to join you and hook both of them up and get both in your party. Don’t forget you got a message about an old lady, so pop up your map and mark Short Sighted.

With Chad and Doris, make your way down the strip and to the mall entrance at the park. Through the doors you just need to go up the stairs and hang a left to find the lady in the toy store. Takes a lot of talking to get her to join, and you are rewarded with having to carry her. But Esther in hand you can  bulldoze through the zombies, so don’t worry about stopping. Plow a path to the escalators, take the one on the right, and it’s home free. Remember, we have  Esther, Chad, and Doris heading home with us.

  • The next case starts at 7:30, so we have time to kill, hopefully.

You should have 3 new quests in your log, 2 at the Americana Casino and one on the strip. The casino is right as you exit the maintenance area, and feel free to load up on bats and other weapons. Two spiked bats is par for the course.

  • However, around 3:40PM you should get a message in the yellow about a fight at a store far away, so that takes priority since the other quests shouldn’t be ticking down yet.

You have to clear through the strip, park, and Atlantica Casino to reach the other mall. The marker may take you up and then back down, but however you get to the knife store you just fight your way in, talk them them twice, and fight your way back out – hitting the soda if needed and picking up knives.

You have options. The Americana quests are ticking down now, and it should be fast approaching 7:30. One option is to take these two guys with you to Americana, but the best is to return them to base first, then sweep through the casino.

So either cut through Yucatan Casino or the Silver Strip (use your map), and  take them back to base.

Ted and Snowflake

If you choose to go through Yucatan, you will run into your first psycho. After the scene you just need to whack away at Ted. Avoiding the cat is not hard, and staying around the tables seems to keep it obstructed. Killing Ted will cause a scene, but the cat will remain. Best to saddle up and head straight out, the path leading to the Silver Strip.

However, you can tame Snowflake and make her a survivor. It’s pretty easy, either use three steaks from her cage or from the steak house at the food court. She eats them and joins you. Doing this with survivors in toe may be a little hard, but it can be done.

*NOTE: There is also another survivor in here, but I’ll have to clean this up later.*

  • Should still have the knife dudes with you. Follow the right wall and you can either enter through the mall or Slot Ranch, doesn’t matter; just don’t miss both doors. Some thugs should try to get in your way near the base doors, but try to avoid as Jack and Kenneth should be pretty beat up. Turn both of them into the base.
  • Case 2 should be just in the red or already in the red of time, with Workers Compensation in the yellow. It’s a tough call, but if around 6:30 you can make it.

Enter Americana and head to the other end where the two looters are. Stuart  will try to fight you when you approach, but try not to hurt him as he will join you, so just go around in circles. But you have to also talk to Brittany to get her to join.

With those two, come back to the doors you came from, but hang a left and find the door on the wall, then through another to a backroom with a girl that has partied too hard and is still at it. Talk to her a bunch as you distribute items or restock and then carry Kristin out of the casino.

Return to base with 3 more lucky people. ALso, it should be at or after 7:30, but you’re fine so long as the case 2 hasn’t passed.