Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough

Setting the Stage

Been a good long while since the first game… Start off by getting psyched up for something a little different than what you probably thought you were  going to do. You’re going to be driving a motorcycle with dual chainsaws –  far cry from the photoshoot to start last game eh?

The idea is to accelerate and brake to turn. Aim for the zombies with balloons over their heads and you’ll get first place easy. You can lose, so good luck with not being terrible.

  • When in control, head out and down the hall. Save your game and feel free to talk to the skank, then up the elevator.

If you have an instruction booklet, figure out the controls to pick up items, attack, and how to drop your weapon.

  • Now that the real action is starting, pick up the item on the ground and  try to just run up to the intersection. You should know there is nothing you can do for these people. They die in a few hits and there’s nothing you can do to coax them to follow, so their prescence is to just get you familiar with working with survivors – it’s just that THESE guys are doomed.

If a zombie grabs you, just wriggle your way out of it.

Cut down a few zombies, grab items on the sides if you need, and just cut a path to the right, down the hall, and to the left in the corner of the  hallway. That’s it, the corner door is all you need to do here, so no point in trying to clear the area or anything.

With your objective in hand, just run. If you keep running, you’ll be fine. All you do is run out the building and that’s it.

Day 1

Your goals are clear: survive three days, get Zombrex for your girl, and  save people.

First, let’s go out and right to the bathroom to save. This area is quite large and you could get lost if you go exploring. You can carry four items, some of which you should already have, but if you must stock up then perhaps you should wander until you have four solid weapons (mostly axes). Then just  follow your arrow to the vent.

Zombrex 1

*NOTE: To restore health, and you don’t have a lot of it, just find something that is edible, grab it, and then use it, which is most likely the same  button as attack.*

If you haven’t seen a map of this place, open your map to see your current  objective, which is just up the path. You’ll notice that zombies are pretty harmless and that only if you walk directly into them will they grab you. Jumping doesn’t hurt your chances to remain untouched.

The pharmacy is just behind some steps, around the corner. You run into some hooligans, and if you brought a good weapon you can plunk them out in no time. If not, you’ll have to scrape around for something to hit them with. Their weapons aren’t that strong, so there isn’t a huge danger here.

Victory in hand, hop over the counter and talk to the girl to have her join you (Denyce, #111). Then head through the door for health and the Zombrex.  Head out and go back to the service room.

*NOTE: I’m not giving a play-by-play on directions. There is a big arrow on your screen that does that for me.*

  • There are two theories on escorting a survivor. First you can just have them follow you, which has the downside of if you get caught or if them get caught and you don’t, the other person will be hampered. The other way is to use the command to send survivors to locations and just pick the desired path for them. Of course this way frees you up to move as you wish while not having to look back at them to ensure they are safe. And of course the correct way is to combine the two.

Tips for escorting:

  • Try to stay near walls to limit your exposure.
  • When prying zombies off allies, aim early, meaning try to not hit  your pal, so swing your melee weapon sooner than you should.
  • Your allies can follow pretty well, as the zombies should be going for you.
  • So don’t run through a cluster of zombies; only run toward the thinest pockets of undead.

Assuming you safely made it back to the base with little problems, you will most likely level up and have a few hours to kill before Katey needs the  drugs.

Your best option is to wait for 7:00 AM as there is not much you can do in a few actual minutes. You could run back to the floor and hit up the newsstand or maybe try on some crazy clothes, that it’s kinda pointless. But as long as  you’re back to Katey on time, you can do as you wish.