Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough

Starter Tips

#1. Think of running as being a running back in football (that’s the sport that requires skill, not the one where penalty kicks could be replaced by go-fish). As a running back you are trying to avoid the tackle, so you could split the two zombies, run just out of their reach, or turn the corner and go all the  way around them. If you see open space, run to daylight and you should be fine. Would be nice if the “rustle through” thing would kick in immediately all the time, or was a button, but if you can you can just plow right through them.

#2. It may be strange, but barreling directly through zombies kinda works. That is not to say you should run into a huge mob and expect to come out the other side roses, but just hope your struggle animation kicks in.

#3. The coffee shop outside the base entrance offers creamers which are a great source of health.

#4. One thing to consider hauling around is the leadership book. This is found  at the bingo hall on the Silver Strip. Makes your followers much improved and is required by me for one mission.

#5. Painkillers = two vodkas and a blender. You can find this easy combo at the bar in the middle of the Americana Casino. You are decently healed and given a half damage buff for a minute. Useful for boss fights, but not required unless you are bad in the early game. The time to make them and the space required  makes them almost a burden in the early game, but about day 2 and beyond you may want to liquor up.

#6. Spiked bats = Nails and Bats. This is the main combo and could be the only thing you need. Of course if we had time to mess around we could go into the  extra stuff…

#7. Survivors are not required for anything, they are just exp bonuses to help you level up.

#8. Rolling, dodge, melee moves, do not equal safe, they usually just get you into more trouble when try to get through a mob. Trust me, just run through the weakest side and you should be okay – at least until toward the end of the game.