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I write these guides to help gamers avoid the dumb mistakes I made.  That’s really all it is about. I’m not trying to give 100% detail about the  game, help you up your leaderboard rankings, help you pwn noobs so you can  lol, or hold your hand as you play.

Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to thank me, if you want to talk, or if you want to ask a question. Efforts to get in a guide need to be exceptional.  The golden rule: keep it short. If I see a wall of text I’m probably moving  on. I’ve gotten real bad with emails lately. And flamers don’t even bother, it won’t work.

My email:     [email protected]

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PPS – I cannot fix bugs, glitches, or achievements/trophies not hitting.

I have other guides floating around too.

I’ve also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask me, and all because I write these little guides.

Also, I am in the October issue as well, which should be out at the time of  this guide’s release. At least I ain’t a one hit wonder.

In a nice surprise, I didn’t even know I was in the March 2008 issue of  GamePro, but I am. Maybe I’ll be in more I don’t know about…

Look to for a slew of other articles written by me in the  featured article section.

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