Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough


You don’t have a lot of time, so no screwing around.  Just come out and load up on creamers at the cafe, then head out.
Compromising Photo

It’s in the security room in Americana.

*NOTE: We will make one painkiller for later, so if you want to get it now, feel free.*
Gift Basket

Approach from the Platinum Strip.

At the front of the hotel lobby, behind the front desk.

Expensive Champagne

At the bar next to the adult store on the Silver Strip, at the back of the bar.
Case of Queens

Go through the Excitorama and to the alley entrance to Palisades, then take the nearby elevator to the tunnels.

The case is on some machinery on the wall. You can approach the left end of the raised part and jump from one piece of machinery to the next.

*NOTE: Feel free to grab a blaster gun for those mutants.*
Mobile Headset

Head back up with the elevator and go to Yucatan. I say through Palisades, but you’re free to take the strip.

It’s just in front of the elevator you took to the last boss, on the floor.
USB Drive

Liquor up and go save. Then take the nearby door to the tunnels. And you can go get the LMG if you want but no need.

From here, go find the nearby cart to your right and drive it to the access area, and the drive is just on the floor, then you can get back in the cart and speed away.

Lab Suit

From the USB drive, go west, or take a left to hit the ladder leading to Royal Flush.

The suit is inside the drug store that’s near the entrance to Slot Ranch, so go in and close the door behind you. Pick up the suit and heal up if needed.

  • You will then get a call to go to the arena. Head through Americana, the west exit, and SAVE at the restroom at the end of the Americana zone.

MAKE A PAINKILLER! Just one, and trust me, all you need is mostly full health, maybe one melee item to get you to the arena, but nothing else. All you need is the painkiller really.

SAVE at the restroom leaving Americana. When at the Arena doors, CONSUME the  painkiller just before you use the doors.
The Arena

You have nothing on you, except the painkiller buff from before.

When the battle starts, grab the OJ on this middle platform, then go to the  right side platform for the snack and a wrench. Then go up and start pummeling him near the crank in the middle. I could get in four hits with the wrench  before he attacked back. That was pretty much all I did as far as fighting.

I did go to both side platforms for the items listed below. Going to the side platforms almost guarantees you getting hit by the pyros or his gun when you climb over the wall to get back, as you can’t come out through the doorway.

There is a crank in the middle that will extend the fight, but only use it when TK has run away. As you’re using it, be sure to drop it and roll away. Rolling is my dodge of choice, and it could help avoid the charges.

He has several attacks:

  1. Gun fire when you are at a distance and usually when you climb one of  the walls
  2. Pyro when you are on the outer platforms, and they chase you until you  climb out.
  3. Short-range combos, usually two-hitters.
  4. Charge after you into a wall, and you must do a quick time event to get  free or you’ll lose more health. For consoles, it will usually be   moving the left stick left and right, so get that ready as he slams   into you.

The best way to avoid his charge is to stay on the middle platform and just go to the opposite side of the middle barrier.

Speaking of which, fighting by the crank did seem to help, as in sometimes his attacks went through me, or he missed his dodges. Not entirely official, but  just fight him as close to the crank as possible, and you can turn it as soon as he runs away.


  • OJ – Middle platform and left.
  • Donut – Left platform.
  • Snack – Right platform.
  • Wrench – Left and right platforms.

Those are it. I know the boxes can have OJ, but only try to open them when he is running over the side. I was able to use just one wrench, it didn’t break.

And that’s the lame ending S! Last game’s overtime is better than this one.