Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough


The Facts

Requirements: 2-3 Painkillers   Six Shooter (kinda, read above)   Knife Gloves x1   Health items x alot (the more the better)

It’s optional to bring some queens or guns to clear your path. A gun like the LMG from the statue in Yucatan. It’s only for clearing a path, and in doing so you may actually take more damage, so it may be best to just bring what you want for the boss and avoid the zombies as best you can.

Clearly whatever we made for the end of the last case is still needed for this one. Head out to the park, then to Yucatan. Save at the restroom and hit the elevator button – grab some beer to pad your health possibilities if you have some room.

You have to fight through a congested mob of zombies to reach the stairs, up, and out for the scene.

  • This fight is all about getting him at the right time. DO NOT ATTACK WHEN HE IS ROLLING OR SHORTLY AFTER HE ROLLS! That’s pretty much the only key. A few other things:

Attack him from the “big” side, meaning the side where when he knocks  you back you won’t fall off; the side with the most space to your back,  so only engage him when he’s near an edge.

There is a kitchen below with lobster and a fish.

There are drinks scattered on the roof, but most be blown away.

If you melee him with anything but the gloves, he will disarm you.

The only way to get up to get up to him is by the stepping stones on  the left of his platform. And if you want to get up to him without   being knocked down, try for when he’s taunting, when he’s pulling out  his gun, or just hope you get lucky. And when up there, roll to the  side. May want to clear the zombies that collect at the stepping area.

He will be tossing flares you you and there are rockets flying all   around punching holes in the roof to the area below. Not a huge concern  you just can’t use guns very effectively or for every long while down  on the roof.

Use the pillars for cover as you cross the roof.

Unarmed skills such as the double leg kick and jump kick will stun  him if hit at the right time. So feel free to mix those in with your  moves. They’re not easy to pull off, so I’ll leave it to your skills  if you want to use them.

Melee is the best way to go, but mixing in some Six Shooter rounds, even as a finisher, is good too. Just get up there (easier said than done), let him roll, and after he comes to a complete stop you can begin your attack, not before or else he will be immune. And you gotta watch his roll, it covers some long  distance.

It kinda boils down to a war of attrition. You can try to cheese guns, but the missiles and his flares literally punch a hole in that theory; you can get a  little bit of damage this way, but using a gun while on the platform is  probably just as effective and as dangerous.

The only tricky thing is healing while on the platform. I would like to say you should jump off, but getting back up is not so easy and you take damage from the fall, never mind if you fall down a hole. It’s usually safe to heal in front of the platform, on the roof where he can’t shoot you.

If you do fall down a hole, use that time to grab the fish and lobster. Also, if you brought extra melee weapons, feel free to clear some zombies down there, there is no rush and you can uncover some beer.

Congrats! You did not complete all the case files, keep Katey alive, and/or  give TK Zombrex!

You already hit some of these endings well before this. If you didn’t give TK Zombrex, then you will get ending A right now.

If you did give TK Zombrex, then read on. Everyone else, new game and follow this guide better :)