Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough

Case 7

You have two quests, one to save TK and the normal main quest.
TK is Infected
Requirements: Zombrex

*NOTE: Different ending if you don’t give him Zombrex. So consider saving your next file in a different slot if you want to see it – in case you don’t have  access to youtube and have to play them out…*

I had the one from Yucatan that I picked up before the military arrived. So feel free to get that one for this guy.

There is also one near the ladder heading to the Silver Strip, from the  underground tunnels.

If you want the best ending, you must save TK.

*NOTE: I also hear there is another zombrex just before the Boykin fight at the base, but I must have missed it and I obviously can’t check it now.*

  • When you head out, remember to heal. Also don’t forget the painkillers and  knife gloves, but don’t need if you don’t want. Fighting through mutants for the painkillers is a chore, but it’s up to you, you have the time.

I just got spiked bats and put some gloves and knives in my inventory as I  found them.

The following soldiers are optional, but may as well get them as there is a lot of time to kill.

Lost Soldiers
Requirements: Before 6pm, I think, they were there during the day and gone    when I came back at night   No guns in your inventory   Queens to help clear their area   do not need leadership book

Unmarked survivors in the middle of the rock in Fortune Park.

They require you have no guns, and if you do and approach they will fire at you. So if you want to save them, drop your guns and approach. Don’t worry, we can get all your guns back if needed.

Grab Michael and Matthew and take them back.
The Only Lead
Requirements: Six Shooter from South Plaza

Head to the South Plaza, either through Americana or the hotel. If you go through the hotel, feel free to grab the Six Shooter from the bench by the statue in the South Plaza. I highly recommend getting the Six Shooter, or  maybe just getting a sniper rifle (quicky, it’s above Players in Royal Flush, two shadings up).

Take the underground access and move up to find the cart. You can drive it down the ramp and squeeze it by the train. You’ll then notice that most of the zombies are heading in the direction your arrow is pointing. When you drive up to the door, hop out and push the button for scene.

You have four mercs to take out, and any gun will do the trick. Right from  where you start, you can hug the tank by the opposite wall and you can take  them out going right to left. Or if just with melee, you can take the steps  your arrow is pointing to and meet them head on.

Go up the steps and feel free to eat up and stock some health. The blaster gun only works on mutant zombies, so it’s not the greatest gun, but feel free. Then go down the tunnel and press the button.

With the Six Shooter, you can just run out, and then headshot the left one  first from cover and then get the other; they are stunned when shot, so it’s easy.

What Lies Beneath
Requirements: 2-3 Painkillers   Six Shooter (kinda, read below)   Knife Gloves   Health items

Get in the elevator and use the right button for the Palisades Mall. From there, feel free to take the secret passage. The object is to get back home. But we want to do a little more.

What we should do is make some more painkillers and and knife gloves. You only need one pair of gloves, but you should make at least 2 painkillers.  Remember, vodka and blender in the middle of Americana; zombies in Americana carry bowie knives; and boxing gloves in the store near the entrance to your base.

Also, the Six Shooter is a great weapon for this fight, and to get one it’s all the way in the South Plaza, and you need to not have one on you when you enter the plaza. But if you have one with about 40 bullets you should be okay. It’s the only gun you need.

Make the painkillers, grab a few extra creamers if you can, and bring the  glove materials to your base work-bench, then head inside. Save your game, then go to the control room.