Dead Rising 2 Announced!

That’s right, Capcom announced plans for Dead Rising 2 for the  Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  There was no mention of the Wii, even though the gaming company did publish a watered-down version of the zombie game last year.

Apparently, the new sequel will take place several years after the original events at Willamette mall.  I was hoping that the new game would pick up directly after the original, because I want to know how Frank West gets out of the mess at the end of the “true” ending.  You have a frickin’ tank and 500 zombies around you… put two and two together….



In this new game, the zombie virus (or parasite, however you choose to look at it), has not been contained to Willamette, and has spread throughout the United States.  It has not been officiall announced which setting (or multiple settings) the game will take place, but screenshots show a typical Vegas casino.  I’m personally hoping for a much larger area, and keeping with the open-ended gameplay.


A few members of the original Dead Rising team is working with Blue Castle Games throught the development process, including Keiki Inafune, who is the Game’s Producer.


A tentative release date or project status is currently unknown, so we don’t know if this will be released by Christmas or what.

OCModShop has contacted Capcom for futher details, so hopefully we’ll have an intervew with some of the developers or project leaders. 


You can read the original press release right here.

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