Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360) Review



Title Dead or Alive 4
ESRB Rating Mature (Blood, Violence, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity)
Developer Team Ninja
Publisher Techmo
Release Date December 29, 2005
Platform Xbox 360
Genre Action – Fighting
Features 1-4 players, co-op 2 players, 1MB to save game, HDTV 480p/720p/1080i, Dolby Digital
Multiplayer Features 1-16 players online, co-op 2 players, leaderboards, voice

Dead or Alive has risen to be one of the most popular fighting games, overcoming giants like Viruta Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur and others. The Dead or Alive series is over-the-top in almost every way, from outlandish bone-crushing moves, creative multi-tiered arenas, vivid scenery and costumes, and gorgeous women with exaggerated “breast physics”. The DOA babes are probably one of the reasons the series has reached such popularity.

The newest incarnation of Dead or Alive lives solely on the Xbox 360, whose powerful hardware provide some of the best visuals on the console to date. Team Ninja has packed more features and goodies into this release to keep gamers satisfied:

  • Advanced countering system bring the fastest fighting action ever made for a home console
  • Experience the DOA online world: from clans, play simultaneously in large groups, play in tournaments and chill out in the interactive DOA4 lobbies
  • New characters include Kokora, La Mariposa and Eliot, plus the return of DOA3 favorites, Christie and Brad Wong
  • Master level game design and unbelievable realistic graphics from the legendary development group, Team Ninja
  • All new DOA environments interact with your deadly moves
  • New revealing secrets from the dramatic and competitive world of DOA

Xbox Live system requirements: Paid subscription required for online multiplayer, co-op and some downloads. Some Xbox Live services require additional hardware (headset and camera) and fees.

The heart of every match is a contest between 2 fighters trying to knock each other out with various kicks, punches and combinations. Experienced players can block, counter, and even reverse an enemy’s attacks. The button-mashers are easily found and punished, as an easy counter system is implemented, although it takes timing to know when to execute them. There are nearly two-dozen different fighters available (some are hidden at first) and share similar basic moves.

The arenas stand out as much as the over-the-top characters. Interactive multi-level environments in DOA2, and kept building on this concept. Kick your opponents through windows, down stairs, and even holes in bridges. Also launch them over railings or into traffic, and arena animals like cheetas and dinosaurs.