Datel Edge Nunchuk Controller


I got something to stick in your hand

Third-party manufacturers sure do like to cash in on game systems.  There are plenty of manufacturers, the most notable one being Nyko, but a new British company has been churning out new products that have begun to turn some heads.  Datel’s products stand out from the crowd because they actually don’t suck, and are reasonably priced.

Datel has produced a third-party Nunchuck controller for the Nintendo Wii called the Edge.  Here’s some of the marketing poop straight from those limey bastards:

The Edge Controller provides a convenient replacement controller for your Nintendo Wii. The sturdy ergonomic shape lets you play longer with less strain on your hands. The controller plugs directly in your Wii Remote, so you don’t have to worry about batteries or other power sources. The comfortable grip stays easily in your hands, giving you more confidence at the controls as you power your way through your game.

Datel cannot use the name “Nunchuk” because that is a registered Nintendo trademark.  As a matter of fact, Nyko and Nintendo butted heads about this very issue.  Like Nintendo’s original Nunchuk controller, the Edge is tethered to the bottom of a Wiimote.

The Edge controller feels much larger in the hands, which may be helpful for adults playing games.  The underside of the controller is ribbed slightly to conform to your fingers, making it more comfortable.  The analog stick is surrounded not by a circle, but by an octogon so you can easily push into a particular direction and keep it there.  This may be helpful for those games that use the Nunchuk for movement.

In our testing, the Edge performed just as well as Nintendo’s Nunchuk.  The major point of this accessory is its larger size and “kung fu grip”.  Because the controller is shaped so differently, the Edge doesn’t fit into gun grips like the Eagle Neptor (reviewed here) or  Nintendo’s Wii Zapper (read why it sucks here) .  It does work with Nyko’s PerfectShot (reviewed here) however, since the Nunchuk does not mount to the pistol.

The bottom line is that the Edge works and is cheaper than officially-licensed Nintendo gear.  It has held up many months of battle-testing and abuse.  One of the best features about the Edge is that the analog stick isn’t as sensitive to Cheeto staining as Nintendo’s white stick… just something to think about.

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