Datacenter Raising Rates

My local datacenter is looking to raise my rates… so I am looking at moving the servers to another datacenter.

Right now I am serving 1Mbit, and have reduced bandwidth on other portions of the site because of price restrictions. 
I found several other datacenters that are much cheaper and have better features, but they are out of state.  Some even offer “virtual KVM” so I can reboot, look at the BIOS, etc.
If I buy unmetered bandwidth, then I’ll open the floodgates on the server, and have a full-featured download area, open bandwidth on the gallery, and possibly even add a game server.
Geographically I’m thinking the middle of the country so both the east and west coast get similar delay, but most of my traffic comes from the west coast.  One of the best deals I’ve found is in Los Angeles, so we truly would be “OC”ModShop again…
So whutchu think?
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