Dante’s Inferno Hands On


This seems familiar...

Play God of War? Then you have a good idea of what we saw when we played Dante’s Inferno for the Playstation 3. The games are virtually identical in gameplay and control structure.

If you’ve read “The Divine Comedy” then you know what to expect here. The game follows Dante as he heads through hell following his loved one Beatrice. In our build we encountered Virgil (Dante’s hero and mentor from the book) King Minos, among other villains.

Dante looks very much like an armored Kratos and attacks with a scythe that acts very similar to God of War’s deadly weapons. The scythe can extend into a whip-like weapon during combos but also be used to decapitate the many hellions and minotaurs you find in the game.

Unfortunately, while the game is told to be similar to God of War, it’s getting very, very close to being called a direct rip-off of the game. The only explanation for the content is if you mixed GoW with Silent Hill. The enemies here are disturbing and frightening (even one obese female with her breasts fully exposed). If you can stomach that, and loved the GoW fanchise, this will no doubt tickle your fancy.

We proceeded to an area fighting King Minos as a boss and then moving along taking on hordes of enemies and a large lava…thing. The controls took a bit to get used to but were responsive and got the job done, even though at some points we just had no clue  what we were doing.

This should be a great look for God of War fans, but it really is shaping into a rip-off that could get a negative impact from the gaming community.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.