Danger Den TDX Waterblock Review



I’ll be testing the TDX block on a AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Barton core, this baby eats 81 watts of power as estimated by Sandra which makes it formidable challenger for the TDX. For the testing I’ll be using a small little program called Toast, its very effective for bringing your processor up to 100% utilization. This program is freeware so you can download it by clicking on the image. I will run this program for 30 minutes, the temperatures will be gathered from my motherboards thermal sensors.

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Click here for a larger image

Test setup
The complete test bed consists of an ASUS A7V600, AMD 3200+ Barton, Sapphire ATi X800 Pro, 1GB DDR, and the rest of a system. Now those first 3 things are all watercooled, the X800 with a Maze 4 GPU block, the Northbridge with a Z chipset block, and the CPU with this TDX block. I’m using an inline closed loop system instead of using a reservoir and Asetek 120mm radiator (Black Ice Xtreme clone) with a 120mm Akasa Fan. The water is circulated by an Eheim 1048, so not to shabby in my opinion. My homemade block is a simple 3 piece copper construction that I made for fun. It has a 5mm base with small dents to enlarge the surface area, a square copper ring 10mm thick and another 5mm base with copper tubing.

The testing took the better part of a day, emptying the water loop and letting it run for a few hours to get rid of all that nasty trapped air that would otherwise cause higher temperatures. After refilling and bleeding the system I played some Counter-Strike: Source for about 10 minutes to heat the water, and then I left it alone for 30 minutes which gave me the idle temperatures. I then ran Toast for 30 minutes to get the load temperatures. Checkout the difference for yourself, I thought it would only be 1 or 2 degrees less then the Maze 4 but it seems I was really wrong, its smaller but its cools better.


Well after 5 hours of filling bleeding and heating the CPU I came to the following conclusion, the TDX beat all of its competition. Size doesn’t matter, with a great piece of CNC machinery and some great minds behind the drawing board Danger Den has done it again. They have produced another heavyweight in the watercooling industry and you shouldn’t be disappointed with this block. So there’s really nothing for me left to say but to give this product from Danger Den a straight and deserved 10/10 earning it the OCmodshop Seal of Approval. I would like to thank Danger Den for making this review possible.


  • Great cooling
  • Nifty design
  • Not too expensive
  • Tops for all socket types
  • Optional accelerator nozzle set for fine tuning


  • None
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