Danger Den SELTZ 20i Watercooling Kit Review



I have finally gotten the opportunity to review a Danger Den watercooling kit here at OCmodshop. I have used their products before and they were excellent so I do go into this review with a positive bias. The reason I love watercooling is because it offers superior cooling and most of the time is almost silent.

With watercooling you are almost always able to get a better overclock than with air and also have the option of adding peltiers which will again boost your overclock. There are many different watercooling companies out there now because of the demand, but some that are good and some that aren’t. In the past I have found Danger Den to be one of the best, lets see if that still holds true.

an 11¾ x 8¾ x 8¾ box showed up and as soon as I saw the Danger Den shipping label it was like Christmas. I opened up the box to find that everything was bubble wrapped for protection and in its own individual bag for organization. This is just one simple way in which Danger Den shows their professionalism and effort to provide quality products.

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The Maze 4 waterblock comes in a bubble wrap package so that it is not damaged during shipping. Within the packaging is the block of course and the hardware to mount it to the motherboard. Included for the mounting are four screws, washers, nuts. With this mounting hardware you will need to remove your motherboard to get the block installed correctly. This procedure will keep the block in place better but is more of task to get installed.

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The CPU waterblock that comes with this kit is the Maze 4 which is the successor to the Maze 3 which was a really good block. This Maze 4 is designed to be used on socket A systems but you can change the top to work with Socket 478 setups. The block itself is made of pure copper which is the best material that can be used for cooling and the top is made of Lucite which is laser cut.

The barbs on this block are chrome which look really cool especially compared to the standard brass or polypropylene ones. The flow design within the block looks pretty different compared to the Maze 3 and most other blocks. Instead of a single channel in a circle there is more of a flow over smaller cuts. From the profile view of this block you can see that it is pretty thin, the copper part of the block is actually thinner than the Lucite top. The base of the waterblock does not come with any plastic protection on it however the finish on it has no real scratches or blemishes.

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A GPU waterblock was also sent with the kit which is used on video cards. The GPU waterblock comes in the same kind of packaging that the Maze 4 does with this block being a little smaller of course. There is also similar hardware included with the block as far as screws, nuts, and washers. The video card will have to be taken out for installation however that is much easier than a motherboard.

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The Lucite top can be changed so that it will either fit on ATi or Nvidia video cards. When you order you will have to choose which you want, but it’s nice that you have the option. The top is attached to the block with four screws and sealed with an O-ring so there is no leakage.

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The water will flow over almost the entire surface of the block which is good because there won’t be any dead spots. The barbs on this block are at a 45° angle so that they dont interfere with anything on your video card. I like that a 45° angle barb is used rather than a 90° one because the flow rate will not be hindered by the curve.