Danger Den DD12V-D4 Water Cooling Pump Review



• Motor design: Electronically commutated spherical motor.
• Voltage Range: 6-24V DC
• Rated Voltage: 12V DC
• Acceptable media: domestic hot water, heating water, Water-/Glycol mixture
• Maximum system pressure: 15 Kpa(1.5bar), 50PSI for pumps with Noryl housing.
• Pump Dimensions (not including mounting bracket): 3.54″ (L) x 3.47″ (W) x 3.54″ (H)

As can be seen from the pump’s housing dimensions in the specifications, this is an extremely compact pump that can be fit in all but the smallest of computer cases. Even after attaching the mounting bracket and adding the neoprene cushion to the mounting plate’s base, the pump is still only about 4.5″ tall at the highest point (the mounting bracket does not increase the width or length of the pump).

The size of the pump is somewhat impressive considering the D4 has a maximum head rating of approximately 11.5 feet and a maximum flow rate of slightly over 370 gallons per hour (1400 liters per hour). In short, it is a very small pump that can produce more than enough pressure and flow for modern water blocks which are fairly restrictive from a water flow standpoint.

Additionally, since the pump runs at 12v and uses a standard Molex connector, it can be attached to a rheobus and the pumps performance can be tuned up or down by varying the voltage to the pump. Before attaching the pump to a rheobus or other voltage controller, you have to make sure it is rated for 18W per channel at minimum. As I have never been able to refuse taking things apart, it’s time to see what makes this pump work.

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The D4 is very easy to disassemble. The main components of the pump are held together by a large pump housing screw ring on the front of the pump housing. As the pumps are shipped with the pump housing screw ring loosened, it is a good idea to check it as instructed in the pump’s manual before firing the pump up for even an initial test run.

Once the screw ring is removed, the blue section of the pump (which is the motor and assembly with the rotor/impeller assembly) separates from the pump housing and the mounting bracket. After the motor housing is free from the pump housing, the impeller assembly can be pulled off the motor for cleaning or other inspection. The ease with which the pump can be disassembled is a definite bonus as it makes installing the mounting bracket into the case and routine cleaning a very straight-forward and quick process.

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As shown in the pictures of the D4, the inlet and outlet fittings are built into the impeller housing. While this does not allow the fittings to be swapped out for different sized fittings, it prevents any possibility of leaks from threaded fittings like those used on most pumps. Also, if a different size fitting is needed, Danger Den has adapter kits that allow this pump to be used with different tubing sizes.