Danger Den DD12V-D4 Water Cooling Pump Review



As we have stated in past reviews of their products, Danger Den is one of the most respected names in the water cooling arena. While our other reviews have primarily focused on Danger Den’s water blocks, this will be the first time we have taken a look at one of Danger Den’s water pumps. Danger Den has always sold a few different water pumps, including Eheim and Hydor 110V AC powered models, and they now also have some DC powered pumps that can be powered directly by a computer’s power supply along with the other system components.

Two of the obvious benefits of DC-powered pumps are they can be connected to the power supply with a standard four-pin Molex connector so there is no wiring work required and they power up and shut down with the rest of the system without having to deal with additional power switches. I recently contacted the fine folks at Directron and they promptly sent me a Danger Den D4 pump for this review.

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On to the DC-powered goodness…The Danger Den D4 comes nicely packaged in a compact, plain white box that carries a Laing product label as these pumps are manufactured by Laing Thermotech, Inc. I realize that many are fond of more elaborate packaging, I suspect that a white box helps keep the retail price down a bit so I am more than willing to settle for such packaging provided that it serves its main function of keeping the parts from being damaged before they arrive on my doorstep. In any event, inside the box, one will find the D4 pump, a small adhesive-backed neoprene pad (which attaches to the metal mounting bracket in order to reduce any vibration noise) and the Laing pump manual.

While the mounting plate on the pump has two holes in it, there are no machine screws or other fasteners included for bolting the pump to the case. The model I received has 1/2″ OD fittings but there is a model available with 3/4″ OD fittings if anyone has plans for a mega-flow, garden-hose tubed, cooling loop.

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