Dammit, my work laptop is so slow!

I haven’t been posting because I’m paranoid about werk.  I was under an oppressive regime in development… maybe I’ll write more about it later, but needless to say there is a co-worker who takes too much interest in my personal life, and then went whining to my old manager about what I do in my spare time… so work had a watchful eye on OCMS.   The funny thing is, this guy (Trevor) has barely said 2 words to me ever, and yet has a personal stake in what I do in my spare time?  I even found out the other day he had me in his MSN Messenger list (so he was banninated!).  The problem wasn’t that this guy is unnaturally nosy; it was that my old manager listened to his sh*t!

Why do they care?  There are others in the company that have hobbies and own their own businesses; why was I singled out?  I was behind in some work at the time, and it was easy to blame OCMS for it… but you know what?  EVERYONE WAS BEHIND AND UNMOTIVATED… primarially because everyone felt oppressed and distressed because of the poor management.

But anyway, I’ve moved into the Marketing department where everything is extremely positive, my work is highly valued, and I’m actually defining the company’s image.  How is it that I can be a complete numb-skull one day and heavily praised the next?  I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem wasn’t me…
So, I’m getting lunch today at the cafeteria downstairs (yummy teriyaki), and this biotch in front of me whips out her cell phone to ask her co-worker what kind of salad she wanted!  This is while she is being rung-up, so she’s holding up the whole line.  After the 2 minute back-and-forth, she THEN PULLS OUT HER CHECKBOOK!  She didn’t even have it partially filled out!   Nothing says “Hey, look!  I’m an a**hole!” like yapping on your cellphone like a cow chewing its cud (except maybe holding up a line while you write a check). To top it all off, she asks stupid questions like “who do I make this out to?”… She then tells everyone in line “sorry” — Too late, honey, but knowing you’re a dumbass doesn’t make you any less of a dumbass!
LAN Party this weekend!  Every LAN party I intend to do more on the site, but there ends up being so much to do that I never get around to it.  I have a ton of articles to push out… Trisha will be there, tho.. so we plan on causing some major havoc!
So, that’s it for now… and if you’re reading this, Trevor, then mind your own god-damned business!
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