Cutting Edge Case Mods Power Supply Cover Mod Review



Cutting Edge Case Mods is a new company which is based out of San Diego, California. They were kind enough to send me one of their power supply cover mods, the idea of this mod is to transform your plain and boring looking power supply into something cool that will further your case mod in its appearance.

The covers are made of 1/8 thick cast acrylic and come in 10 different colors: purple, orange, light blue, dark blue, neon pink, neon green, red, green, clear and smoke. Chris (the owner of Cutting Edge Case Mods) sent over a red one, so lets take a further look.

The cover is made of 1/8 thick red cast acrylic and its dimensions are 2 15/16″ tall x 5 13/16″ wide x 5 9/16″ deep which should be able to fit any power supply on the market which is ISO certified. My camera makes the cover look a little darker than it really is, it looks much more impressive in person. There were no blemishes on the cover because it was packed well during shipping and looks like it was handled with care.

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The power supply cover also comes with instructions on how to install it to your power supply, 4 pieces of double sided black foam tape, and a zip tie to secure the strain relief. You only need 2 pieces of the double sided foam tape but 4 are included so that if you make a mistake or lose one or two you still have some backup. I always like when companies provide extra parts while keeping the price low because if you are like me which I’m sure a lot of you are its very easy to lose things which you need.

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I am going to be using my girlfriends case which I painted which was done using the same technique as in the case painting guide if you want to see some more pictures of the case, head on over to the case gallery, it’s the first one on the page. Anyways, I decided to use her case cause it is painted red and I thought that this red power supply cover mod would look really cool in it, especially when I add the window to it later. Below is a picture of her case and the power supply which is a 250w Cogen.

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To install this power supply cover MOD you are going to have to take out the 4 screws which are usually on the bottom of every power supply, doing so will void your warrantee which is a negative aspect to this MOD but then again what’s the fun in keeping the warrantee good? If you carefully remove the sticker so that it can be put back on to look like nothing was tampered with you could probably do it but I didn’t care so I just unscrewed the bottom and pulled it off.

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I was provided with a zip tie however I saw no use for it so I went without it. I got a piece of the double sided foam tape and placed it onto the power supply where it was supposed to go, very easy and quick I am glad that there was extra pieces of tape included cause me being a dum dum got the tape stuck to another piece of tape before I could get it onto the power supply, don’t ask me how because I don’t know.

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After getting the tape onto their correct places all you have to do is drop the cover down onto it and give it a good push to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. Again my camera didn’t take the best pictures because in person the red is a lot lighter and easier to see into making it look a lot better. I think it looks really cool and if you wanted to you could hook up a 4-inch cold cathode or put some LEDs in the PSU to make it look even cooler.

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I then put the power supply back into the case, I was a little afraid that it would not fit back in correctly due to the larger dimensions and it almost didn’t but it went back in without having to MOD the case at all which made me happy cause I was not up to using the Dremel. I think that it looks really cool installed in her case and when I get the window installed and a red cold cathode in there it will look even better.

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So many new products have come out for case modding purposes and I was beginning to think, what more is there to produce? This is a really cool and unique product that I have not seen anyone else selling. Cutting Edge Case Mods is a new company and but the fact that they are selling unique products at good prices makes them have a potential to go far. I really like this product because it is inexpensive, easy to install, and looks really cool and if your not willing to void your power supply’s warrantee then what’s the point of modding your case? Overall I am gonna give this power supply cover MOD a 9/10 and am awarding it the OCmodshop Seal of Approval. Head on over to Cutting Edge Case Mods and check out what they have and pick up one of these in whatever color you want.


  • Only $9.99
  • Easy to install
  • Looks cool, especially if you have a window
  • Extra tape included
  • Will fit any power supply
  • Protected well during shipping


  • Voids your power supply’s warrantee
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.