Cubixx HD Goes Live


The Cubixx HD website has just gone live go to for more information about Cubixx HD.

To celebrate the launch of the Cubixx HD website we’ve recorded some amazing new videos. Thrill at seeing 7 player Death Match, be amazed by Arcade Mode, get closer to the Challenges and view Steven, our Producer’s Top Tips. All of these videos can be viewed in the Trailers section of the new website, where you can also find the Official Cubixx HD Trailer.

The new website also features exciting screen shots, a features list and an interactive rogues gallery.

Stay tuned, because we’re expecting to have more news on a release date for Cubixx HD soon.

Established in 2005 Laughing Jackal are the developer of Playstation Minis such  as Duael Invaders, Stellar Attack, Ace Armstrong Vs. The Alien Scumbags, Vibes and of course Cubixx.  We are currently working on a PlayStation Minis conversion of the Fighting Fantasy series of books and our first PlayStation 3 game Cubixx HD which will be coming soon to PSN.