Crusty Demons gets viral!

Basingstoke, England, October 23rd. Deep Silver announces today the huge success for its Crusty Demons Viral Campaign, The Tattoo Parlour.

The Tattoo Parlour went live just one month ago is designed to let people choose their very own tattoo, pop in some text and place this precariously on a various body parts of a lovely lady. The end result can then be downloaded and emailed to friends or used as a wallpaper to customise desktops!

The viral has reached almost 4’000’000 page visit and more than 900’000 thousand unique visitors and numbers are still rising!!!

Create your own tattoo here:

Crusty Demons combines the freeform tricking, high-octane stunt mayhem and bone breaking crashes in a totally free roaming world. Breaking new ground, Crusty Demons rewards players who perform spectacular crashes, difficult tricks and inflict massive injuries and pain.

Scheduled for released on November 2006, Crusty Demons available on Playstation 2 ®, exclusively published by Deep Silver and Red Mile Entertainment.

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