Craigslist Sucks

So I’ve been looking for a new retail job of some kind. I love selling electronics, but at my current store I have none to sell (as in… the product never gets ordered and we don’t have enough variety) so half of my day is spent telling customers where else they can get the equipment they’re looking for. Ack.

I’ve been searching Craigslist because the newspapers in this area suck. Unfortunately, most of the Craigslist job postings are incredibly vague, don’t tell you what real company is that’s looking, don’t mention the hours or wages, and don’t give you a contact number. WTF!

I hate Craigslist jobs. Don’t they read this crap that they post?

I feel like my job search is going to end up resulting in nothing. Mostly because I am unhirable because of my school schedule in the fall. Doesn’t anyone need like some part time babysitting/house cleaning/word processing/ data entry/ SOMETHING?

I guess I could always put up a post for a sugar daddy or something. Poop.

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