Crackdown 2 Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

Crackdown 1 was one of the best surprises in the early years of this gen of consoles. It was one of the first games to make pure sandboxing an acceptable gaming experience. Most sandbox games took the GTA3 route of being heavily story driven and of course based mostly in the realm of reality. Crackdown chunked the story and turned you into a super-human with guns and cars. The major flaw with Crackdown was the objectives of the crime lords were not the most imaginative and didn’t provide a ton of challenge, and without any kind of tangible story the game was pretty much a single playthrough affair until 100% completion.

This game does the same, but gives you more to do. The added touch of zombie outbreak doesn’t hurt at all, but only in the sense of providing half of a  game day’s worth of Dead Rising fun on the streets. That’s almost it, a  bigger sandbox than the first game as far as variety, but not as much as it could have been.

The only question is after you play the objectives to the end, you wonder if maybe some sort of story to connect the fights and everything being scaled down a notch would have provided a more solid “hardcore” gaming experience. Could you imagine a Giant just busting out of the streets and chasing you down  before something important happens?

I think some effort in the story department will be required for the next game. This game barely passes the “oh come on, this is the exact same game as the  other one” knock, just barely. I say if you can wait for the price to drop this game would be a perfect summer game. We all like the addiction that free-roam games offer, but after a while we need more than just a sandbox to get our fix.



Action Xbox 360
Jump, handbrake A
Melee; lv5 strength = ground pound B
swap gun, pick up new items X
turret weapon, special look, enter vehicle; lvl 5 agility = glide Y
fire, throw, accelerate RT
aim, brake LT
grenade, detonate, change radio station RB
reload, fire vehicle gun LB
look around, precision aiming, rear-view RStick
move, click to crouch LStick
map, objectives, achievements, tracking Start
progress menu, call in beacon Select
command squad D-pad


Starter Tips

#1. Look around you. The achievement screen in the pause menu tracks everything you’ve found, so you can grab whatever you want and if you find a map or  something later to refer to, you’ll be okay. Also, I don’t really cover all the agility orbs, so you’re kinda on your own with those.

#2. Learn the jumping twirl, which is to jump up at a slight angle, and spin so that you grab the ledge above you. This is used to help climb some  buildings.

#3. Use the precision aiming at your own risk. For one it takes time to focus, and for two it could miss. Until you hit lv4 firearms you are better off just shooting for their body. If close then go ahead, the focus rate is near instant.

#4. If you lock onto somebody, you can go back behind cover, precision aim to their head, and you’ll be locked in for a clean kill when you jump out.

#5. It’s easier to drop off a ledge by pulling back, rather than pushing the button to let go.

#6. This is almost a pure sandbox game, for better or worse. Your main goal is the beacons and Cell Zones, but feel free to pepper in some of the other stuff too, it’s all tracked so you know what you’ve done.