Countdown Continues

And the countdown continues… 2 days till the wedding.

It seems like everyone is anxious and stressed except for Steven and I. We’ve just been kinda lazing around doing chores and work stuff….. it’s no big deal man! But my mom and his mom are just completely out of control…. ugh.
Today I don’t have to do anything except for post the news. How nice is that? I suppose there are a few errands I could run… but I dunno. I’m kinda tired.
I got my hair and make-up done for a trial yesterday… both the hair and make-up stayed put for 8 hours.. which is great because I only need it to for 5. Sweet. I felt like a princess going into KFC and ordering some chicken… lol. I got a lot of weird looks… and I was like “dude I always get this dressed up to go out.. and in jeans too!”
Ugh I just keep reminding myself that on Saturday I’ll be in Maui. Maui Maui Maui….. the stress is all worth it, right?
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