CostCaptain Online Store Could Save Students Money

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As a technology enthusiast, I check out several niche online stores for modding equipment and video games.  When it comes to general products like software and computer parts, I usually stick with the heavy hitters like NewEgg, Amazon and eBay (although I hate eBay with a passion for other reasons).  

Sometimes I miss out on some good deals with other niche stores because there are too many of them and I honestly can't research every single one for the best price.  I found a new store that caters to college students and teachers, and offers discounts that you may not find on sites that generally have more marketing power.

CostCaptain is an online store that mainly offers software that college (and even high-school) students need, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe CS and other software, and even have some decent laptops.  Some of these products are cheaper than you can find on larger sites, but you still need to browse around and compare to find the best deal.  Some of the deals require that you have a valid student ID, as is the case with most academic discount programs.

If you are a qualifying student or teacher, then you can find great deals like Microsoft Office Professional 2010 for $139 instead of the $500 that normal chumps have to pay.

The CostCaptain company has been around for seven years and has served over one million students and sells over 100,000 tech products at academically-discounted prices.  You can check out what other people have to say here: CostCaptain Ratings and Reviews

They also boast a 1-day turnaround time for support email (CostCaptain Customer Support), which is much better than the hassle I've experienced when a problem arose with other online stores.  If email is too slow, then you can actually talk to a live person at (866) 912-9222.  CostCaptain is baserd in Georgia, so don't be surprised if the support person has a Southern drawl.  Some of our other reviewers are from the South (including Alan and Don), and they can attest that a Southern accent is not conversely related to technical ability!

If you're a student and looking for software, then why not add as an option when comparing prices?  You might save a little bit of the money you already don't have.

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