Corsair TWINX1024-3200LL Memory Review



Corsair sent me a dual channel memory kit of their PC3200, specifically the TWINX1024-3200LL. This memory kit consists of two CMX512-3200LL 400MHz ultra-low-latency memory modules that have been tested together on an Nforce2-based dual-channel motherboard. Extra low latency settings maximize overall system performance when operating synchronously with the front side bus. Corsair has always been the best memory on the market when it comes to overclocking in my opinion. I got these modules a while back so don’t think that Corsair is behind the times. They actually just released some TWINX1024-4400 which is much faster than the modules I have. Below is a comparison chart of what the different speeds of RAM are.

PC3200 DDR400 200MHz
PC3500 DDR433 216MHz
PC3700 DDR467 223MHz
PC4000 DDR500 250MHz
PC4400 DDR550 275MHz


  • Two CMX512-3200LL memory DIMMs
  • Dual channel testing environment, 200MHz NForce2-based test setup
  • Modules tested together in Asus A7N8X-based test setup
  • Benchmarked using both Nforce2 and Intel “Granite Bay” chip sets
  • Integrated aluminum heat spreader for improved thermal performance
  • Legendary Corsair reliability and service
  • Lifetime warranty

The memory I got came in plain brown box with the part number on the outside along with the Corsair XMS logo. When I opened up the box I found the matching pair of modules in the usual Corsair plastic containers.

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As you can see both modules come with black aluminum heat spreaders to help dissipate the heat. Each module is a CMX512-3200LL making up the TWINX 1024MB set. The quality of this RAM is exceptional and I cant wait to see how it performs.

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