Corsair SP2200 Speaker Sound System Review


With the SP2200 Corsair completes the collection of PC speaker systems back down from. Thus, Corsair goes into the highly competitive market and must be less than 100 € the face of established antagonists, such as Logitech, Creative or speed link. Whether that is possible with the SP2200, and whether the good impression was once made ​​with the SP2500 can be held, shows the following test.

Corsair and audio?, We have already asked us when HS1 headset and SP2500 speaker system and were impressed despite some initial skepticism in the end, but both products played in a different price league. With the SP2200 Corsair has now closed down in the highly competitive mainstream market.

Presents itself visually unremarkable, the SP2200 and timeless, which is not a disadvantage, however, the speaker system but not necessarily stand out from the crowd. It would be nice here, but a certain resemblance to the much nobler SP2500 been.

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