Corsair XMS2700 Review



With the emergence of the VIA Apollo KT333 chipset and other DDR333 chipsets 2700 DDR has taken off. Corsair was kind enough to send over a 512MB module of their XMS2700 DDR. XMS, or eXtreme Memory Speed, is the process that Corsair uses to take ICs rated at one speed and verify/guarantee their operation at another speed. Since specifications have not been generated to accurately specify operating parameters, Corsair gives these parts an XMS rating. For example, since PC2400 does not exist according to any valid standards institution, Corsair parts are called XMS2400.

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  • 256 Megabytes of memory
  • Implemented using 32M x 8 DDR SDRAMs with 6 nanosecond access time
  • 100% tested at 185MHz in high performance motherboards
  • Integrated aluminum heat spreader for improved thermal performance
  • Benchmarked over multiple chipsets, processors and motherboards
  • Legendary Corsair reliability and service
  • Lifetime warranty

Test Specifications

  • Each module is tested in either Epox EP-8K3A and/or ASUS P4S333 at 185MHz
  • Tested at CAS latency of two cycles (2-3-3) with a command rate of 1T
  • SPD programmed at proposed JEDEC values for PC2700 (PC3000 not defined by JEDEC)

All XMS2700 modules are tested before they are shipped out to guarantee that they are able to run at advertised speeds. Testing parameters for XMS2700 are as follows:

Motherboard make and model: Epox 8KHA+ and Asus P4S333
DRAM Clock: 166 MHz
RAS Precharge: 3
RAS-to-CAS Delay: 3
CAS Latency: 2
Command Rate: 1T
Memory Voltage: Motherboard default

The stick comes in a plastic container which would be good for display purposes, it is also more protected than if it was just in an anti static bag.

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The Corsair XMS2700 comes with black heatspreaders which sport the Corsair logo, XMS technology, and website. As you can see this module is model #CMX512-2700C2. I really like that this RAM comes with heatspreaders, when you are overclocking add pump up the VDIMM it will help to dissipate heat and help you overclock higher.This particular module is double sided because its 512MB it would be a bad idea to have it single sided. Corsair does make single sided 256MB modules which have been seen to overclock a little better than double sided.