CoolIt USB Beverage Chiller Review


A USB-powered refrigerator?

Danger lurks around every corner when you’re a gamer.  I’m not just talking about the virtual baddies that you blast with futuristic or fantasy weapons; I’m talking real-life catastrophes that destroy  thousands of dollars of equipment.  Take this scenario for example:

As many gamers (or computing enthusiasts) we usually have our favorite caffeinated soda at our desk, chilled to perfection.  As time wears on you get involved in your game; so much that you forget about the liquid refreshment sitting idly by, longing for your parched lips.  When you have finally defeated the alien armada, you remember that all great heroes deserve some Bawls, so you reach down and quickly chug from your forgotten can…

There is nothing worse than expecting frosty, bubbly, sugary goodness and being met with flat, lukewarm backwash.  Immediately your reflexes kick in and you spew the concoction all over your monitor, which splashes onto your monitor, keyboard and computer.  The liquid immediately shorts out your motherboard, the sugar gums up your keyboard, and the acid removes the film from your LCD monitor.  Oh, and you get brain cancer.

Thousands of dollars could have been saved if you only had some way of keeping your beverage of choice frosty-cold while you go about saving the world.  CoolIT has the solution in a USB-powered Beverage Chiller. They do it because they feel morally obligated to protect the accident-prone gaming community from disasters such as this, thus preserving our communities and life as we know it.