CoolIt Systems PCI Cooler Booster Review


Cool down those cards

Most PCI and other expansion cards do not generate alot of heat, and therefore are overlooked when cooling your computer system. Today’s multimedia and home theater systems include high performance TV tuners, video capture, and high-performance sound cards that do tend to get quite warm, and could benefit from additional cooling. Even many video cards could use some extra help, as the tiny OEM heatsinks are either underpowered or fail.

If you want some additional cooling insurance, then CoolIT has the solution for you. Their PCI Cooling Booster product is intended to fit right over the PCI bay of most motherboards, thereby providing additional airflow between your expansion cards and cooling their internal components.

CoolIT Systems has recently burst onto the aftermarket computer component market with innovative products designed to cool your rig down. Their PCI Cooling Booster is intended to address the problem of overheated cards that are plugged into your option bay (not limited to PCI cards). The extra airflow blasts over all of your cards, effectively making passive heatsinks more efficient, and cooling off capacitors and chips. Even if your cards don’t require cooling, reducing the heat will undoubtedly increase their lifespan.

CoolIT Systems PCI Cooling Booster Specifications
feature spec
Voltage: 12v
Power: 2 watts
Speed: 3000 RPM
Airflow: 38.88 CFM
Noise: 32.31 dBA
Simple to Install

  • Simple bolt-in to any standard 7-slot PCI bay
  • Plugs into any available fan header
Cools PCI Components
  • Provides direct airflow to cool all PCI cards to increase stability and reliability
  • Guaranteed to reduce temperatures on video cards
  • Maximize overclocking potential

The CoolIT PCI Cooling Booster comes in a clear plastic clamshell package and includes nothing more than the unit itself, and an informational insert. The main unit is a simple one-piece design and includes four “stackable” thumbscrews. The device is intended to be mounted over your case’s 7-slot PCI bay using the included screws.

The design of the cooler is rather simple, and is basically an 80mm fan mounted to a thick sheet of aluminum. The aluminum is then shaped and stamped with a die to form the cutouts. To eliminate any unsightly mounting screws, the fan is attached to the base using four triangular pieces of foamy double-sided tape. The base is then attached to the case with the included thumbscrews that are pre-installed on a metal bridge. The booster uses four screws: two of them are secured to the case’s expansion slot directly, and the other two are screwed into those screws, with the Coolit’s mounting bridge sandwiched inbetween.

The 80mm fan is crystal clear, but includes several blue LEDs that effectively illuminate all the fan blades. The cable is a little short at 18cm long, and is not sleeved, so it doesn’t look as polished as the rest of the unit. In addition, the 3-pin fan connector only has the positive and negative wires attached, so your motherboard will be unable to monitor the fan’s speed.