Coolit Chillers

Coolit sent me one of these for review, and I hope to have it published next week. Like you said, it looks promising, and all the research I’ve done on it shows that it works.

It’s not as tough to install as a full-blown watercooling system.  There’s a little circuit board that controls the peltier temperature, so it calculates case temperature and knows the threshold it can go before condensation occurs.  If you up the thermostat all the way for maximum cooling, the unit will only go so far before backing off.
Since it uses 6 mini-peltiers, I need to test how much wattage it uses up.

It’s pricey, though… like $400.

Keep in mind that the CoolIt Freezone requires a 92mm or 120mm exhaust port… If your case only has 80mm exhaust then you can’t use it.

I’ll have more details in my upcoming review of the CoolIt Freezone.

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