Coolink SWiF2 Fan Series Review


At eTeknix we like to cover the full range of components for your computer and case fans are one of those things that are essential but rarely discussed for reasons such as; it is much more important to have a good CPU cooler than good case fans. However, that in itself is not quite strictly true as without a CPU cooler your processor will overheat within seconds but without a case fan you will struggle to remove any heat removed from the CPU and of course then no more heat can be removed. More simply put, it is essential to have good airflow through the case to remove the heat build-up else your CPU cooler won’t be able to operate.

While most people only buy the case fans that come with a certain case, there are lots of people out there who realise that this doesn’t always offer the best solution. If you buy a decent gaming case you would expect it to come with several high-powered case fans and if you bought a case for audio work you would expect it to have ultra quiet case fans.

That said there are some of us out there who are aiming to improve our desktop PC’s in all aspects and that most certainly includes cooling and airflow. Further to this, a few years ago cases only tended to have 1 case fan space at the back of the case just below the PSU which was designed to only remove the hot air and hope that colder air would take its place. This has dramatically changed and now in most cases there is space for a minimum of 3 fans if not 4 or 5 case fans and these tend to be the larger 120mm fans.

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