Coolink GFXChilla VGA Heatsink Review


Find your balance

I’m always looking for the right balance between proper cooling and noise output.  Remember the old cases and cpu coolers you used to get that where so loud it was plain stupid, luckily things have gone a long way and we have abandoned 40/60mm screamer fans (remember the old Deltas? ) but today still I have to say the loudest component in my PC is my video card.

But let’s face it, now-a-days graphics cards make waaaaay too much noise… not to mention high temperatures.

Now even the TIMs (Thermal Interface Material aka thermal paste) have come a long way.  There are many brands but I think the most established is Arctic Silver, which used to be the leading brand in top performing TIMs for all sorts of use.  Today many manufacturers are able to create high performing pastes and Coolink entered the game here as well.

Coolink was kind enough to send me some coolers and some of their TIM for me to put to the test, and to say the least I was very pleased with the results.  For this review I will be reviewing their GFXChilla GPU cooler and a tube of their Chillaramic thermal paste.

Coolink products come in sturdy cardboard display or plastic display packages, so its easy to see what your actually buying, the back of the box reveals additional information such as dimensions and general info.

Employing 4 high-performance heatpipes and two large 80mm fans, the GFXChilla provides superior cooling performance at minimum noise levels. The GFXChilla is widely compatible, simple to install and can easily be upgraded.

  • Four 6mm heatpipes for excellent heat distribution throughout the cooling fins
  • Two large, low-profile 80x80x10mm fans (18dB)
  • Low profile: takes up only 2 expansion slots
  • Incl. self-adhesive aluminium RAM & VR heatsinks
  • Easy installation and broad compatibility


parameter value
Height 20mm
Width 161mm
Depth 115mm
Height (with fan) 30mm
Width (with fan) 161mm
Depth (with fan) 115mm
Weight (with fan) 330g
Material Copper (base and heat-pipes), aluminum (cooling fins)
Compatibility See Compatibility List (basically most mainstream single GPU cards)
Fan Size 2X 80x80x10mm
Rotational Speed (+/- 10%) 2000rpm
Acoustical Noise 18bD(A)
Scope of Delivery RAM & VR heatsinks, 3:4-pin adaptor, Thermal Paste, Installation Manual
Warranty 3 Years
MSRP $30