Cooling Flow Thermal Compound Review



In this overclocking day and age that we live in where every little degree matters there are new companies emerging with new thermal compounds to fight the heat of those fast CPUs. Cooling Flow is a newer contender to the market, the base material is a silicon grease with some ceramics and metal oxides. The Cooling Flow thermal compound will be testing this compound against Arctic Silver II, Arctic Silver 3, and Ultra Silver II.

This tube contains 3 grams which is how much a tube of Arctic Silver usually has.

Cooling flow is gray in color but does not contain any silver like Arctic Silver 3 does. You can see that Arctic Silver 3 has a shine to it while the cooling flow is a gray color.

Test Bed

  • MSI KT7 Pro 2-A
  • Duron 800Mhz
  • 512MB PC133 RAM
  • Asus v7700 Geforce 2 GTS
  • 300w Antec PSU
  • OCZ Gladiator w/ 60mm Panaflo L1A

The testing will be done with all the same hardware as all of the other thermal compound reviews. I will be using an external thermal probe to take the temperatures as I did while testing Artic Silver II and 3 and Ultra Silver II. I let the computer idle for about 30 minutes and took the readings. As you can see Cooling Flow is 1.9 degrees Celsius higher than Arctic Silver 3, not bad.

I then used Prime95 to torture test the CPU and bring it to its load temperature. Again the Cooling Flow is 1.9 degrees Celsius higher than Arctic Silver 3.


Overall this is a pretty good thermal compound, at load temperatures it is only 1.9 degrees Celsius than Arctic Silver 3. It will not conduct electricity which is a good thing and it has a good price on it. If you want to save a buck and are not really worried about every little degree this should be your choice.

If you want to spend the extra dollar and get the highest quality and best performing thermal compound I would get Arctic Silver 3. I would like to thank Case-Mod for sending this over to review.


  • Low price ($5.99)
  • Good performance
  • Does not conduct electricity


  • Arctic Silver 3 only $1 more
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.