Cooler Master XDream SE Heatsink Review



Cooler Master sent me one of their new heatsinks called the XDream SE which is an improved version of the previous XDream heatsink. The main difference between this heatsink and the older XDream is that this one is all copper while the XDream was aluminum with a copper insert. This is the first Cooler Master heatsink I have reviewed but I previously reviewed their Cooler Master ATC-101-SX2 case and was really impressed with it so hopefully the same will hold true with this heatsink. This heatsink has a lot of cool features which should contribute to an overall good product.

This heatsink comes in a retail style package rather than a box. I like this retail package more than the standard box that most heatsinks come in simply because it looks better. Besides the look of this package it did a good job keeping the heatsink protected during shipping.

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From the side of the heatsink you can tell that it is pretty tall and large. As you can see this heatsink is made of pure copper and there are 36 fins with Skived Fin Technology which will be well used to dissipate the heat. From the top of the heatsink you can see the fan and fan grill. Cooler Master has included a copper colored fan which matches the heatsink itself and is a nice touch.

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The base of the heatsink comes protected by a red plastic sheet so that it doesn’t get scratched or damaged during shipping. After removing the protection I found the base of the heatsink to have a really good finish to it and was very impressed. It would be nice to see more heatsinks come protected and taken care of like this one is.

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A really cool feature about this heatsink is that the fan has a rheostat built onto it which will allow you to turn the fan up and down. Along with the rheostat Cooler Master has included two other accessories, which help in making the rheostat easier to use. Instead of just installing the heatsink, closing up your case, and having to open it each time you want to change the speed they have included two ways to connect it to the outside of your case. If you have a regular case you can mount the rheostat to the one of your expansion slots on the back of your case, which is easier than getting inside. If you have a Cooler Master case you can mount the rheostat to the front of your case with the provided bay cover. I really like the idea of the rheostat and like that they included a good way to use it even more.

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This heatsink has a really big clip which doesn’t require a screwdriver which is nice because it eliminated the fear of damaging the motherboard when the screwdriver slips off (which it normally does). Not only does this clip not require a screwdriver but it looks like it’ll work really well because the part for your finger is really large. The heatsink also comes with some thermal compound, screws, and manual.

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