Cooler Master NotePal Ergo 360 Laptop Cooler Review

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Not Just Heatsinks

When most nerds and geeks think of Cooler Master we think of heatsinks.  At least I do.  But they are much more than that.  Cooler Master has what seems like one of everything on their shelves.  I have used their cases and owned more than a few of their heatsinks, and I’ve had the pleasure of using a pair of their headphones on occasion.  I would love to try out a pair of their new ones, too.  But this is the first chance I’ve had to experience one of their laptop cooling pads.

The Notepal Ergo 360 is one of the latest products to roll off the CM assembly line.  Check out some of the features of this baby:

  • Focused on that single overriding need to have one powerful accessory that works with the products that keep you mobile; Notepal ERGO 360 incorporates the design and efficiency of our ergonomic laptop cooling stands with the versatility of a tablet stand into one easy to use product. It is an ergonomic laptop cooling stand that helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue caused by using laptops for long periods of time.
  • Multiple available height settings and the option to remove the adjustment stand in favor of two separate cooling accessories underpin the versatile nature of the ERGO 360. It is rounded out by convenient, anti-slip holders that keep your laptop stable while cable management grooves provide a place to easily manage the attached USB cable.
  • Ergonomic Design: Three ergonomic height settings allow for a customizable viewing angle. Front anti-slip holders prevent your laptop from sliding.
  • 360 Degree Rotation: Ergo 360 provides a new perspective on the traditional laptop cooling pad thanks to its 360 rotating stand
  • Two Silent Fans: The quiet, efficient USB-powered fans provide excellent cooling performancethat circulates air around your laptop. Elegant airline-finish aluminum surface functions as a cooling pad to spread heat onto a larger surface area.
  • Cable Storage Grooves: The USB cable can be stored away.

Model R9-NBS-E36KU-GP

Color Black and Silver (plate)
Material Aluminum and Plastic
Weight 960 g
Dimension 39.9 x 29.7 x 3.5 cm (cooling pad) / 20 x 11 x 1.7cm (tablet stand)
Fan Dimension 80x80x15 mm
Fan Speed 1700 ± 10% RPM
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 23 dBA
USB USB cable
Compatibility 13”-17” laptop, most tablet PC and Smart phone

I have an older laptop that I use for my writing.  It’s an Inspiron E1505 from way back in the day.  The only reason I haven’t upgraded to something better is because it hasn’t died on me yet.  It has been dependable and I have yet to lose a single chunk of data due to hardware failure.  And with all the other computers around my house that require constant upgrades for testing purposes, it’s nice to have one that I don’t have to screw with.  I write on it, and that’s it.  Okay, so I recently watched the entire Lord of the Rings series on it.  Sue me.  The only issue is that no matter what it’s being used for, it gets hot.