Cooler Master NA90 Universal Notebook PSU Review


Destroyed Your OEM PSU?

Notebooks have an unnecessarily hard life.  People tote them just about everywhere, but most of them are no more rugged than a child’s plastic toy.  In spite of batteries (or perhaps because of), people tether their portable computers to their power adapters all of the time, which have a tendancy to get tugged, pulled and bent, eventually resulting in a broken power brick.

Buying a replacement power adapter for your notebook is practically an inevitability, so why not purchase one a “universal” adapter that can be used with your other (or future) notebook computers?  What features should you look for when shopping for one of these items, anyway?  Cooler Master has a line of Universal Notebook Power Adapters that should fit most consumers, and today we are looking at their NA90 Universal Notebook Power Adapter.

Here’s the marketing fluff:

NA series universal notebook power adapters are a great back-up for your notebook adapter, which are energy star 5.0 certified, as an endorsement for eco-friendly design. Included are nine different tips, you will have no problem powering on and/or charging your notebook (check our website for  complete listings). With up to 90% efficiency and a robust design, the NA 65 and NA 90 are suited for any business traveler.


  • Up to 90% efficiency to certified energy star level V.
  • LED indicator:blue for power-on.
  • 9 different tips compatible with most laptops.
  • Purse-string bag for cable management and dustproof function.
  • Easy-to-install tips.

Model RP-090-S19A-J1
Dimension 58 x 32 x 134 mm ; 2.28 x 1.26 x 5.28 inch
Input Voltage 100-240Vac full range
Input Frequency Range 50-60 Hz
Efficiency Up to 90%
Protection OVP/ OTP / OCP / SCP
Output Rating 19Vdc / 4.74A
Output Power 90W
LED Indicator Blue LED for power on
Operation Temperature 5 ~ 40°C


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