Cooler Master Elite 310 Case Review

Cooler Master Elite 310 case in black

Cramped quarters

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  • Cooler Master Elite 310 Case
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  • Last modified: September 12, 2014

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While you wouldn't catch me carting it around to the next LAN party, you'd probably see at least one of my computers housed in it; if I had a thing for pink, that is.

In most gaming or enthusiast cases there is enough room to appropriately fit the large, extra-length video cards which are becoming quite common among the high-end models. However, the Cooler Master Elite 310 simply does not have enough horizontal space within the chassis. An even larger card, such as a Radeon 6950 would simply not be able to fit into this chassis without it looking like an overstuffed smart car.

In fact, it may be impossible in some cases, depending on how the power connectors on the card are oriented. If they are on the top edge of the card, you may be in business; however, if they’re on the end then you’re SOL. Fortunately, one *could* remove the hard drive rack, and instead use the 5 1/4 bays for a hard drive or two, giving the case quite a bit more room for a longer video card. But I digress, this chassis is not designed to house such behemoth cards, so if you plan on using one with your next build, I’d suggest looking at other options.

If those people were a high-end GPU, this is how it would look

If those people were a high-end GPU, this is how it would look

Installing the hard drive was also a tricky matter. With an older motherboard I was forced to use parallel ATA cables to connect my hard drives, as well as the old-style Molex connectors. These present a far greater cabling challenge than the standard SATA cables. It’s arguable that no one in their right mind would be using these older styles on a new build, it’s interesting to see how many of these cases fair in this www. Surprisingly, while the old parallel cables fared well, it was the old Molex connectors that prevented the hard drive from being properly mounted. This is another issue with the orientation of the hard drive rack. While there are some major benefits provided, such as the easy access, installation and removal of hard disk drives, there is also a limited about of space to install it, as limited by the width of the case.

Cooler Master Elite 310 Hard Drive Rack

Here are the hard drive racks

In this scenario, the case was just barely wide enough that one could securely screw-in the drive with the connectors pushed back against the edge of the case. I am certain that the L-shaped power and data cables the newer drives would be needed to make drives fit comfortably in the amount of space provided. As it is now, the hard drives probably feel a bit like this guy:

Between a rock and a hard place

Your hard drive in this case. Photo by Gilles Gonthier.